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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Kyrani Kanavaros of Klik Photographic

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Kyrani Kanavaros of Klik Photographic

Kyrani Kanavaros is a Vancouver-based lifestyle and documentary photographer  specializing in children’s and family portraiture. Kyrani’s photography has been featured in Urban Baby & Toddler, the Vancouver Sun, RBC World, the West Coast Bridal Guide and Vancouver View.


Why did you get into photography?

I love photography! I got into it because I felt happy taking pictures and wanted to learn more about creatively controlling an image. There is some divine, god like feeling about being able to create this way. Being a part of the process from initial capture to final output is amazing. I also love people, and get to spend my day creating beautiful images of real people. I cannot imagine doing anything else, and even if I did not get paid to shoot, I would still do it, it is a part of me.



Tell us a bit about your company.

My business is a boutique photo agency. I am a one-woman show, and because of this, I have a hands on approach to every part of my business. The personal connection of a portrait photographer to the client is so important, and I like to extend that to the rest of my business as well. When Klik Photographic initially receives an email or call the client is talking to me, not a receptionist. By the time the shoot is happening, I have an understanding of who my client is and I know exactly how I am going to shoot them. I also personally process all the images I take, so creatively I manage the images I produce from beginning to end.
How would you characterize your style of photography?

My style is organic and light hearted. I love to capture authentic moments in natural light, where energy, emotion and spontaneity blossom in front of me. I have a knack for making my clients relax and be themselves and this is key to creating images that are natural and modern. I am very inspired by editorial and lifestyle photography, and this influences my style as well.


Who are your clients?

My clients are people who want stunning, modern portraits of themselves and their children. When they show their family pictures off, people say ” whoa who shot that”?

What should your mom clients expect when working with you?

Mom’s can expect a fun and relaxed experience where everyone can let loose and be themselves. They can also expect to be over the moon with the precious moments that are captured.


Anything else to add?

I cater to my client’s needs and wants. Anything is possible. I offer a variety of print products from offset printed greeting cards to high-end hardcover coffee table books, as well as framed and unframed prints.

Klik Photographic | Twitter: @Klikphoto

All photos © Klik Photographic.

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