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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Kim Mallory of Kim Mallory Photography

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Kim Mallory of Kim Mallory Photography

A mom of three girls, Kim Mallory expects that when she grows old and her three daughters are moved out, she’ll be that protesting granny, marching for world peace and a clean environment – not to mention move to Salt Spring Island.


Why did you get into photography?

I became a photographer after years of searching for some way to get my creative energy out. I always thought it would be so cool to be an artist, but I couldn’t draw or paint. I can sing, and used to be in a group, but I was just a little too shy to be in front of people that way so I had a hard time with it. I can’t read music either, so that didn’t help. I bought my first SLR when my girls were babies. When I shot my first roll of black and white film I knew I’d found what I had been searching for.  I became completely addicted to the thrill of taking photographs. Having a career as a photographer, makes me feel complete as a person.


Tell us a bit about your company.

At Kim Mallory Photography, I shoot in studio and on location, maternity, babies, kids, families, engagement and boudoir.  I learned photography in the film days so of course back then we gave our clients prints at the very least.  Although I love digital, I never gave in to the idea that a digital negative was a finished job so it’s important to me that my clients come away with something tangible – something unique and creative. I’ve built my company around turning session images into beautiful albums and custom galleries and collages that clients are thrilled to show off to their friends and family.  The sky is the limit around here… they dream it, I do it.  Of course prints are still an option too.



How would you characterize your style of photography?

I think it’s very real. I’m a huge sap, so I love to create images that have some emotion to them. I love a solemn look,  tears or a sparkle in the eye… the way a little boy can look up at his dad and you can see the love and respect in is eyes…  the energy of a couple in love and the curiosity of a toddler discovering the world. Spontaneity is big for me and capturing a moment is something I strive for. I’m also inspired by fashion and how it can make all the difference in a session.  I love change and I don’t like to shoot the same thing over and over, so I’m really receptive to my client’s ideas, new locations and other elements that can turn an image into something fabulous.

Who are your clients?

I have clients throughout the Lower Mainland, the Valley & the Okanagan. My clients know what they want. They are moms with children of all ages and they are booking me for those important milestones… maternity, newborn, baby’s first year, family photos…  and for mom’s, boudoir (better known as the Beautiful Woman Project), is a very large part of my business now too.

What should your mom clients expect when working with you.

I’m prepared for anything. I can shoot anywhere and I can crack the hardest nut (or anyone that is hard to photograph). I can tell you that all kids are the same (and that should make any mom feel better) and at the end of a shoot, I always come out with a birthday party invitation a hug or a high five. I make sure the sessions are fun and relaxed and in the process capture the expressions that you love…

Anything else to add?

I love chocolate.

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All photos © Kim Mallory Photography.

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