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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Kari Heese of Kari Heese Photography

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Kari Heese of Kari Heese Photography

Focusing on portraits, maternity, youth, and creative work, Kari Heese has developed a unique style that defines her as one of the leading contemporary photographers in Vancouver. Her images have been featured in a variety of magazines. She owns Kari Heese Photography, an established Vancouver based portrait studio, as well as fractured light wedding photography.

Why did you get into photography?

From my first point and shoot camera as a child, the love of capturing moments on film has been apparent. I began working as a freelance professional photographer and my work has taken me around the world. My main focus is people and portraiture. I am continually inspired by the connections between each and every one of us.


Tell us a bit about your company.

Kari Heese Photography was founded about five years ago as an addition to fractured light wedding photography. I wanted to continue the relationships that I had developed with my clients and be the photographer that they turned to when they had a special occasion in their lives, like having a first child or celebrating the beauty of being pregnant. It is an absolute joy to capture their unique moments in time and explore the intimate connections between people.

How would you characterize your style of photography?

My style is very natural and modern with a candid approach. The goal is to have the real person in front of the lens, not just the camera smile. I strive to make my clients feel at ease so that the genuine real person comes out and I am able to capture the moments that make each one of us unique and special.



Who are your clients?

My clients are those looking for a memorable experience with quality images that reflect the essence of who they are and the time in their lives, whether it be their wedding, maternity shoot or personal portraits.


What should your mom clients expect when working with you?

I am an easy-going person and find that my clients feel very comfortable with me. I am always aware that this time in their lives is extremely special and important and I want to make their experience memorable.


Anything else to add?

My clients mean the world to me, without them I wouldn’t get to be working in a career that I absolutely love and enjoying every minute of my chosen profession.  I recently had a client send me a thank you note. In it read: “Words cannot express how amazing you are! Not only do you take amazing photos, you truly care about those you are working with (which is rare).” This is why I do my job and love every minute of it – to make connections with fantastic people and be able to create photography that they can cherish years from now.

Kari Heese Photography | Twitter: @kariheese | Tel: 604-351-9713

All photos © Kari Heese. Photo of Kari © Michelle Libby. (Incidentally, Michelle is also one of Vancouver’s 50 Essential Portrait Photographers.)

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