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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Chad Galloway

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Chad Galloway

When I had the idea to start the 50 Essential Portrait Photographer list, I put a call out to my Twitter followers. Immediately Martha Salazar from SquidKid Designs piped up and recommended Chad Galloway, who had shot the whimsical and sweet photos on her company’s web site. Chad Galloway is a Vancouver-based director, cinematographer, editor and photographer.


Why did you get into photography?

My dad had an old Pentax MX that he had bought back in the early 80s.  Beautiful camera to learn on.  No processor in that thing.  No aperture priority modes.  You had to learn to read the light or else you’d be wasting another roll of film.  I love that camera and still take it out from time to time.



Tell us a bit about your company.

My photography company is still very much in development.  Right now it probably resembles an awkward teenager experimenting with facial hair.  But behind all of that it’s got a good heart!  But seriously, I work primarily in video/tv so I operate as a photographer part time at this point.  But my wife Jenny and I are exploring with ways to combine forces.  She has an amazing new start up called Klipbook Studio and offers beautiful video scrapbooks.  So we have some exciting synergies there!



How would you characterize your style of photography?

Well I come from the world of documentary so I think that carries a great deal of weight in my photography.  I love catching real moments and try hard to tell a truth with that moment.  There’s awe in the ordinary.  It surrounds us.

Who are your clients?

I don’t think I really have a set client-type.  I love to shoot everything.  But I really enjoy working with families and individuals to help capture the little moments.  It’s always just a ton of fun and I find that incredibly satisfying.


What should your mom clients expect when working with you?

For the most part we just keep things fun and real.  No crazy lighting and direction.  We just talk for a while about the beautiful things in their life and then we focus on that.  Less is always more right?

Chad Galloway | Twitter: @chadgalloway

All photos © Chad Galloway.

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