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Guest post by Codi Darnell My baby is starting Kindergarten. Cue Aretha Franklin belting out Freedom on repeat in my head like some sort of unofficial anthem for this stage of motherhood—an anthem that’s only purpose is to convince me that this transition is a good thing. But Aretha has yet to make me a…

I am proudly lowering the bar. I’m lowering the bar on everything I don’t like doing. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.We moms set the bar pretty high for ourselves. We try to do it all. We work. We take care of the kids. We chauffeur everyone to their activities. We clean the house….

Guest post by Codi Darnell How do you define motherhood? Mom is just a title until you give the role substance and meaning. Except we don’t spend our days analyzing what is required of us – we do what is required of us. Often there is an element of survival in our daily lives and…