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VM Picks: A few of our favourite Instagram dads

VM Picks: A few of our favourite Instagram dads

Instagram Dads Vancouver

Father’s Day approaches so we thought we’d shift the focus on to some of our favourite Vancouver Instadads and their great photos!

Mat Padre

Mat is dad to two cute kids and calls himself his family’s personal photographer. His wife, Alanna Durkovich, who he photogs is also a bone fide Instagram superstar and fashionista.

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Will Stroet

Music man to the smaller set, Will is front man to Will Stroet and the Back Yard Band, which tours Canada energizing kids with his toe-tapping, sing-along tunes. He is also dad to two amazing girls whom he he spends time biking, swimming, playing and making music with.

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Chris Bruntlett

Chris is a cycling advocate whose entire family rides the ride so to speak. Modacity is his creative agency focused on inspiring healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility through words, photography and film.

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Dennis Pang

Devoted new-ish dad, foodie and social media man about town, Dennis heads up PopCorn, a marketing and PR agency, and when he’s not sampling foods, drinks and hanging out with his cutie pie daughter and his wife Em, the other half of Pangcouver.

 Bob Kronbauer

Founder and prez of Vancouver Is Awesome, Bob takes great pics of his son, his fishing habit, and interesting things around Vancouver and beyond.

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 Adrian Crook

Well known for his 5 kids and 1 condo blog, Adrian is car-free, single dad of 5 kids, an urbanist, minimalist & sustainability advocate. He’s also an entrepreneur and self-described fitness guy. He also take stunning urban photos of citylife, and has over 14 K followers on Instagram.

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