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Six local fashion mavens rocking their Instagram feeds

Six local fashion mavens rocking their Instagram feeds

Spring is here, and some of us could use a little fashion inspiration. These stylish moms are rockin’ their Instagram feeds with their #OOTDs and dapper kids.

Cindy Yu

With over 16 K Instagram followers, Cyndy is a Vancouver style sensation. She has a yen for a monochromatic palette of whites, greys, blacks and browns, but her bursts of dazzling colour and penchant for fur gives her a sheen of old world glamour. She’s the brains behind The Vancouverite Blog, and she has two sons. How does she do it?

Jennifer Pistor

Not only is Jennifer one of the original local, style bloggers, but she recently had twins! How this mom of three manages to get herself looking comfortable, casual, and funky as well as her three little people is a noteworthy feat. #props

Allana Durkovich

Allana is a bone fide fashionista and Instagram super star. She’s also a mom. She always sporting something cutting edge and original and does super cool things with hair. Oh and she’s gorgeous to boot.

Family Jewels

Hard not to to love Samantha’s approach to style: eco-conscious, local, high quality fabrics and muted classic colours. She comes by her look honestly as a personal stylist and shopper. Her handsome little dudes rock their looks as well.

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Dee Lanthier of the Joy of Style

Dee and her partner Mara are in the business of helping women express their own personal style to the world. So it’s no wonder the lanky Lanthier owns her confident, edgy original look.

Codi Lyn of Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

Not a fashion blogger per se, she sure knows how to look fabulous. This hipster, boho mom of three is a photographer’s dream with her long braided up (and down) dos and catchy sloganeed Ts.

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