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Father’s Day approaches so we thought we’d shift the focus on to some of our favourite Vancouver Instadads and their great photos! Mat Padre Mat is dad to two cute kids and calls himself his family’s personal photographer. His wife, Alanna Durkovich, who he photogs is also a bone fide Instagram superstar and fashionista. A post shared by Mat…


I love date night, and I sure love cocktails, although I never, ever, not-even-one-time feel like getting out of my pjs and away from Netflix after 8 pm. But on the rare occasions that I do pull myself together with earrings and heels and eyeliner, I want to enjoy myself in the most grown-up place…

Trevor Mason is the owner and creative mastermind of Shiny Kids Entertainment. He has a lot of projects on the go, including Vancouver Birthday Fun, Gogo Bonkers, and The Jethro Sirius Experiment. He’s started doing kids’ birthday parties this year but has been involved in children’s entertainment since 2001.