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You Say: Posting Children’s Photos Online

You Say: Posting Children’s Photos Online

social media posting children's photos onlinePosting children’s photos online is a hot topic. Some parents avoid it altogether, and request that other people also refrain from snapping pics of their kids for Facebook. Others allow it, but only under certain circumstances. Still others are more than happy to share the latest shots of their little ones over social media or on a website. There are no right or wrong answers. In fact, even our team members take different approaches with their own families. This week we’ve been talking about digital photography, though, and so the time seemed ripe for our latest You Say feature, this time on posting children’s photos online.

You Share Your Thoughts on Sharing Children’s Photos Online

On Facebook, several people weighed in.

2013 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger Jackie Mandzak shared, “I rarely post my kids pictures and when I do, I take photos that show them from behind or in a way that you can’t see their face. I’d rather use a stock photo, since it’s too easy to figure out who I am and then do searches to find where I live.”

Jackie’s co-honouree Carolyn Béchard said, “I don’t post any pictures that could cause my children obvious embarrassment. So no pictures of their bare bums in the tub, sitting on the potty, etc. That’s my rule.”

Our own Managing Editor Amber Strocel weighed in with, “I don’t post any photos of my kids without clothes on, or doing something that they might obviously find embarrassing. I also don’t post photos that would identify their school, daycare or exactly where we live. Now that my daughter is older, I also check in with her sometimes to make sure she’s okay with me sharing something.”

Amber’s mother Laura Gannon also got in on the conversation: “This technology wasn’t around when I was a young mom and so I never had to worry about this issue. And I must say that some postings I’ve heard about have made me wonder what the parents were thinking. I’m really happy to see dialogues like this taking place, encouraging and supporting parents that are making responsible choices.”

On Twitter @babystylista responded, when asked whether she shares her child’s photos, saying, “I absolutely do – because she’s part of my business – my fashion muse :). However, we never include her location or name.”

When it comes to protecting privacy, @ThatsWetSeaSaid shared, “One tip is disable geotags.”

Thanks to pervasive social media, many of us are sharing more of our lives. When it comes to posting children’s photos online as part of that sharing, it seems that Vancouver moms are taking a thoughtful approach. What about you? Do you post photos of your kids on social media? If you do, how do you protect their privacy? Leave a reply and weigh in!

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