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Trying Out Essential Oils: Escents Aromatherapy

Trying Out Essential Oils: Escents Aromatherapy

Are you into essential oils? I hear about them all the time, but up until now I had never actually tried them before. I have been looking for a natural alternative to bug spray and had the opportunity to try some of the natural protection line from Escent Aromatherapy. This brand is local and has over 20 years of longevity to its name. The idea is to feel good… naturally. Escents uses essential oils and other natural ingredients to create a wide range of bath, body, wellness and home fragrance products. Founded on the idea that nature has the power to provide for all our needs, Escents is committed to helping people fully realize, utilize and experience their inherent gifts.

Battling Bugs with Essential Oils

Escents Logo essential oilsThis summer, I added the Zap Away Body Balm, the Zap Away Spray and (my favourite) the Itch B’Gone roll-on to my summer prep kit. This kit is always ready and kept in the trunk of our car. So, when we took a long trip through the Rocky Mountains and stayed in the prairies for a good portion of August, we were prepared! I had forgotten that Alberta has big bugs! They are double in size and ratio compared to Vancouver, and we had to survive everything from hornets to horseflies, not to mention the mosquitoes!  Every summer day had the obstacle of lots of bugs and we were up to the challenge.

Each of the products I tried retails for between $12.95 and $22.95 each. I first used the spray on myself to see how my skin would react. I sprayed myself down on the back deck of my parents’ house and right away people were commenting on the smell. It was a mixture of lemongrass and lavender. For some those are already familiar but for me, I have never really used those scents and I had to get adjusted to the scent. But honestly spray is potent no matter how you approach it especially with the more familiar big store brands. The big advantage here was that I was chemical free and that made me feel a lot more open in adjusting to the essential oils. My skin reacted well, and for the most part I was bite free. I went ahead and used it on the kids and was pleasantly surprised that they both liked the smell and I wasn’t too concerned about them applying it on their own.

Did it Work?

essential oils itch b'goneThe Escents line stood up really well. I was most impressed with was the after bite Itch B’Gone. It came in this pocket size roll on stick and was a hit with my kids. Because my kids have gotten used to the Vancouver summers they seemed to really swell up whenever a mosquito did get them. At first I was hesitant to let my kids apply the roll on but it’s actually kind of fun to use and it seemed to help soothe the itch almost immediately.

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This was  a great introduction to the concept of essential oils. I am eager to try their other lines, especially the sleep & rest, immunity boost, and rejuvenating.

You can shop online at or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Some of their Vancouver stores include locations like Park Royal, West 4th, Commercial Drive and Robson. You can also find them in Richmond, Langley and Coquitlam!

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