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How to be stylish AND cozy

How to be stylish AND cozy

Ever wonder how some moms of little kids manage to look effortlessly stylish and comfortable at the same time?  Well this stylish mom knows exactly how it’s done! Samantha Dempster is a personal stylist, fashion blogger and mom of two very sweet little cuties. She lets us in on a few secrets to achieving the Holy Grail of mom looks.

Guest Post by Samantha Dempster

As a mom with very little time to get ready each day, selecting an outfit is usually based on one requirement: comfort. The act of dressing ourselves needs to involve quick and easy decisions. Let’s face it, the days of standing in our towel, staring at our clothes and wondering what to wear our now behind us. Efficiency is key!

Now wouldn’t it be SO lovely to be in cozy (and practical) clothing for our lifestyle AND feel stylish and put together? Well good news, it is entirely possible.

Having good staple items in your closet that can be interchanged are a MUST. Those include a great fitting pair of denim, a few basic t-shirts, a cozy alternative to denim (for example a casual chino or cargo pant), and a few great sweaters, both pullover and cardigan. Once you build this solid base in your wardrobe, you will be amazed at the amount of outfits you can create with so little.

When choosing these items, go for a similar colour palette to not limit yourself. Also note that fit is SO IMPORTANT. The better you feel in the clothes, the less likely you are to grab a pair of yoga pants.


The easiest way to take basic pieces and create a stylish look is through simple accessorizing. To start, make sure to have a few good pairs of versatile shoes such as sneakers, comfortable ankle boots, flats, and for the summer, a simple pair of sandals. I always recommend metallic shoes to my clients, as it adds an extra edge to your look! To add depth, colour and/or pattern, use a scarf. This is the fastest way to elevate your outfit and you will immediately appear as if you put in more effort! It is also something that can be used year round depending on the material!

The finishing touch – A great bag! Look for a classic style such as a tote or crossbody. You can either choose a neutral colour for versatility, or opt for a pop of colour or pattern to create a statement!

The Family Jewels is a collection of modern women’s and kids fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Samantha shares her styling and shopping tips from working in the industry, and her love for well made fashion with her loyal followers. The Family Jewels is a place to learn time saving tricks, shopping do’s and don’ts, discover brands, and feel inspired to take the quality over quantity approach.

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