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Sick of ice cream yet? No? Neither are we! But we love to change it up with popsicles! It’s as equally delightful as ice cream but there’s something about that icy treat on a stick that really refreshing after a day in the Vancouver sun. Artisanal popsicles are popping up everywhere. They no longer taste…

Ever wonder how some moms manage to look effortlessly stylish and comfortable at the same time? And no, they are not wearing yoga pants. Well this stylish mom knows exactly how it’s done! Samantha Dempster is a personal stylist, fashion blogger and mom of two very on trend little cuties.

When it comes to baby gear, sometimes you just can’t find exactly what you want on the store shelves. Most of us pick the closest option and carry on with our nesting, but mother-daughter team Emily Gidden and Lee Capon decided to take their ideas and create exactly the products they wanted. And so, Big Fat Hen was hatched during Lee’s maternity leave, after friends and family raved about the blankets that Emily and Lee had created.

Guest post by Ana Calabresi.

We had just finished our pizza dinner on a breezy Friday evening. While I was busy helping my six-year-old with her winter jacket, my toddler was busy unzipping her grey fleece sweater, just moments after I had put it on her. “It’s cold outside, dear, you must wear your sweater,” I told her, zipping it up once again.

By Gillian Behnke, Reviewer.

Cici Art Factory is a wonderland of imagination and beauty for your wall. It’s like artist Liz Clay has gone inside a child’s fantasy land and painted what kids dream about. There are fairies, pirates, space explorers, and she will even personalize the atwork so the characters resemble your kids!

If you’re a mom of a little guy (which I am not, but still can sympathize), you’d know that finding clothes that don’t have monster trucks, a military theme or superheros is challenging. Alexis Hinde’s sonn-to-launch company Chill Monkeys strives to change all of that. Her vision is to produce stylish clothing for cool little boys. If you haven’t heard of Alexis, you will soon. She’s active on Twitter, has a well-read blog and, well, seems to know everyone. Plus she’s just downright nice. We asked Alexis about Chill Monkeys and what she has in store for the cool monkeys in our lives.