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It Might Not Make You a Better Photographer, But You’ll Sure Look Awesome: Rhembein Camera Straps

It Might Not Make You a Better Photographer, But You’ll Sure Look Awesome: Rhembein Camera Straps

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It was a bit of a winding path that led Gillian Pottinger to where she is today. She started out as an insurance broker, then moved onto creating one-of-a-kind girls’ clothing when her daughter was born. But it was really when she got back into photography that she was inspired to start Rhembein, a line of bright, fun and functional camera straps.

Having a camera often strung around her neck meant that she was well aware of how uncomfortable standard straps are that come with DSLR cameras. “The rubber backing was making my neck sweaty – ew!” says Gillian. She also saw some potential for adding a little flare – and was drawn to the idea of playing with fabric again. In addition to the neck strap, Gillian also makes a wrist/hand strap that allows you to cradle your camera in your hand while having it strapped around your wrist – and designed to just the way Gillian herself like to hold her camera. Neck straps sell at $25 to $30 and the Gilly wrist strap is available for $20 to $25.

A mom herself, Gillian is always looking for interesting items that are well-made and reasonably priced – “and washable!” Gillian adds. “It doesn’t matter how hard I try, somehow jam fingerprints show up on anything I really like.”

Rhembein camera straps are available online, but will soon be available at a few select locally owned children’s boutiques.

Rhembein | Twitter: @rhumbein

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