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You Say: What Vancouver Moms Want for Mother’s Day

You Say: What Vancouver Moms Want for Mother’s Day

We’ve all seen and heard the ads telling us what to get our mothers for Mother’s Day. And while cards and flowers and chocolate are all really lovely, we had a hunch that what Vancouver moms really want to receive is something different. We decided to find out for ourselves whether or not we were right. In our latest You Say feature we headed to Facebook and Twitter asked you what you’d most love to receive. Read what you had to share and see how your own hopes compare.

You Say: Mother’s Day Edition


Here’s what you shared with us on Facebook about what you most want for Mother’s Day.

Jackie Ebdon Mandzak shared, “I would love to have my gazebo put up. It’s in pile on the deck waiting. Barring that some Lindt sea salt milk chocolate, drawings or something made by my boys and breakfast in bed.”

Kelly Zwartouw said she would love, “A day of not doing housework…breakfast in bed….flowers! A card by my daughter would also be lovely.”

For Mother’s Day Sandra Murta is hoping for, “Sleeeeeeeep… oh the housework thing as well… not having to cook, and above all not having to remind my husband of it (our son is just a toddler).”

Julia Skelley said she had a particular Mother’s Day gift in mind: “Vitamix!”

Jenna Fortin-Booth would most appreciate, “A day off.”

Kylie Mattu echoed her, saying, “I second the day off…..of everything. Chores, cooking, cleaning, etc.”

Carol Dubowits said she could use some pampering: “A day at the SPA.”

Kelly Schaecher shared that she’d love, “Sleep. A baby sitter and to not cook.” She added, “Best – a holiday.”

Michelle Kopp said she would appreciate, “A day that I don’t plan myself.”

Danielle Lara Conrad is hoping that her Mother’s Day involves, “My husband to actually get up first/early and take my son out so I can lie in bed and read my book while drinking tea! I’ve given up on actually sleeping in but to me, ultimate decadence is reading in bed in the morning.”

JoAnne Proteau Teja shared, “I want my mom.”

Chay Bee is sadly not getting Mother’s Day off. “I have to work on Sunday, so a nice dinner and wine would be nice.”

Lisa Cain has some very reasonable hopes, “I just want a thank you for everything I do.”


Not to be outdone, our Twitter followers also shared what they most want for Mother’s Day.

@DanielleASigne would love, “To read a book in one day!”

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The folks behind @JoueDesign shared, “As mompreneurs, we’d love to get personal assistants – just for a day. One. Day. Please?”

@ShannonFisher dreams of, “Zero responsibility.”

@weeCate shared that she’d love, “Time with my fam, a small gift, no cooking and to go to Got Craft? indie craft show.”

@numpfer knows what she really wants for Mother’s Day. “Sleep in till 8am, swimming with my baby and husband, picnic in the park and wine.”

The fabulous Sue Dickie, a.k.a. @wearthosedeals, would most appreciate, “The day off, time with my family. Presies…flowers or spa time!”

@raincityparent shared, “I’d like to say, ‘Spend time with the kids,’ but who am I kidding? SPA TIME for this Mama, indeed!”

@iamjenlavallee is hoping for, “Some David’s Tea, a good book, and an hour alone to ale a bubble bath in peace!”

And last but not least @Me_in_Mommy said, “I know Mother’s Day is a family day but I’d love an hour or two all by myself! Oh, and a beautiful nap.”

What about you – what do you really want for Mother’s Day?

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