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Boudoir Photography Basics: What to Expect from a Boudoir Photography Session

Boudoir Photography Basics: What to Expect from a Boudoir Photography Session

Guest post by Laura Millin.

Boudoir photography has recently experienced a huge surge in popularity, with women of all sizes and ages wanting beautiful, sensual photos both as a celebration of themselves and as a gift for that special someone.  Although the demand for boudoir photography is new, boudoir as an art from has been around for a long time.

The first incarnation of boudoir as an art form can be found in the advertising art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  It was these posters of provocative ladies that eventually led to the classic pin-up girl of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.  Shortly afterwards, the first-ever true boudoir photos of women such as Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page appeared. From there, Playboy and other similar magazines were born.  Take a little piece from all of these sources and you’ll have a perfect idea of how boudoir photography is defined in modern times.

Today a woman can expect her boudoir photos to be fashion-inspired, with an editorial edge, and at the same time playful, sexy, and tasteful.  The goal with any boudoir session is to create sensual, evocative images which in turn make the subject feel confident, beautiful and sexy.

A Fabulous Gift – To Yourself!

Often a client will do a boudoir session and subsequent album or prints as a gift for their boyfriend, fiance, or husband – a boudoir session makes a fabulous birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift!  However, many clients do the session simply for themselves, perhaps to celebrate a milestone in their lives, or just because!

Picking Your Photographer

When searching for a boudoir photographer, look at their work and ask yourself: Is the subject lit in a flattering way? Are they posed well?  Do they look comfortable?  Price is of course a consideration as well, but the style of the photos and how comfortable the subjects look should be the main determining factors in your final decision.  If you’re still not sure, give the photographer a call; have a chat with them about their approach to boudoir photography.  You’ll quickly get an idea of how comfortable you’ll be in front of them in your skivvies!  Lastly, find out how much retouching and enhancement will be done to the final images, as this can often be the difference between your images looking “good” as opposed to “great!”

Location, Location

Other important factors for a boudoir session are an excellent location and classy, good-fitting lingerie.  The location can be the client’s home, the photographer’s studio, a posh hotel room, or – if you’re feeling bold – the great outdoors!  In terms of lingerie, corsets, teddies, bra and panties sets, thigh-highs, and of course heels, work very well.  And you can always bring along something of his, such as a shirt and tie or his favourite sports jersey! Typically, most photographers will ask you to bring about three to five outfits, as well as matching shoes and accessories.

Private Sessions vs. Boudoir Marathons

Generally there are two ways of doing a boudoir photo session: either as a private, individual session which can be booked anytime, or during a “boudoir marathon”, which involves several boudoir sessions scheduled on one day, often at a hotel.  Usually a session will include a one-hour photo shoot, as well as a private online gallery for viewing your images.  A marathon session might also include professional makeup and/or hair styling, and use of accessories, such as feather boas, jewelry, birdcage veils, and more.

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A Little Nervous?

Most clients come into a boudoir session feeling somewhat nervous; not to worry!  A great photographer will make you feel at ease and demonstrate poses for you, as well as give you tips to look your best.  Within a few minutes, you should be feeling like a supermodel!

Bells and Whistles

After the session, many photographers will offer you a variety of products to show off your  sexy images – these might include custom-designed albums, pin-up calendars, canvas art prints, and more.  Whatever you choose will make for a memorable and unique keepsake to enjoy for many years to come.

Boudoir photos are a fun and sexy way to express your inner and outer beauty.  You’ll get a confidence boost and if it’s for your significant other, they’ll get an unforgettable gift.  If you’re thinking about doing your own boudoir session – go for it!

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