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It’s a Bird, it’s a …

It’s Superman! Everything you need for your little superhero.

Party City

All the gear you need to transform your little people into superheroes. Accessories, masks, capes and T-shirts and that’s just the beginning.
879 Marine Dr #120, North Vancouver, (604) 929-9202

Kids Market at Granville Island

Kidsonly1There are plenty of shops to outfit your littles with superhero gear here. They can put on their capes and spend time in Adventure Zone, a safe indoor play area for kids. See Vairdy’s photos!
1496 Cartwright St, Vancouver, (604) 689-8447

Easter Seals Drop Zone

Come witness real superheroes rappel down a 20-story office building during this annual event in September to raise money for kids.
999 Hastings, Vancouver

Just Imagine

This costume shop in Kitsilano has gear for your Superman of all sizes! Special orders available and changerooms too. Have a quick superhero show on their stage at the back of the store.
3060 W Broadway, Vancouver, (604) 222-3523

More great costume places!

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