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Starting Dance Classes with Junior Jazzercise

Starting Dance Classes with Junior Jazzercise

Looking for fun dance classes for your little one? Guest contributor Lorrie Holmes suggests starting with something unconventional … Junior Jazzercise.

Junior Jazzercise is the perfect first step for young children who aren’t ready for a more formal dance classes. They get to enjoy their favourite music and learn some new dance moves in a very relaxed environment. The best part is that all of the songs played in class are their current favourites!

Fun Music, Dance Moves and High Energy

How do our kids react when they hear their favourite songs on the radio? Maybe they sing along or their toes start to naturally tap. This is what Junior Jazzercise is all about. It gives these younger children a combination of fun music, dance moves, high energy, excitement and encouragement. According to Jazzercise instructor Janice Triffon, “Kids love music and they also love to dance, so why not offer them super fun dance classes where they can do both. Better yet, why not offer this in a super cool room at The Lyrical Note where kids are already having lots of fun with music and dance, costumes, karaoke, etc. It just feels like the perfect fit!”

Janice has started the first Junior Jazzercise program in area at the Lyrical Note Creative Arts Studio in Ladner. “It’s very exciting. We’ve already hosted two incredibly fun dance/karaoke parties introducing Jazzercise to the kids. They loved it, and so did the parents! I think this program is really going to take off,” beams Janice, who already has a very successful Jazzercise franchise in Delta and Richmond where she offers many weekly dance classes.

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Having a Blast with Dance Classes

“This international dance fitness program has been around for 40 plus years. The Junior Jazzercise program for children is their version of the same popular music and dance routines as the adults. I’ve just scaled it all back and chosen age appropriate songs that I can simplify for these younger participants. We recently had a Junior Jazzercise birthday party at the Lyrical Note and it was a blast. The kids and parents were all mixed together, singing and dancing on the dance floor!” Janice reflects with a smile.

“Just ask my clients at McKee Seniors Centre…,” Janice pauses then continues, “This is my fourth year of teaching Jazzercise at the centre. The laughter, singing and dancing that takes place here is just like when we were much younger. It’s still there…and sometimes with some silliness I can bring it out in the adults as well. I mean, why should the kids have all the fun?”

Kids Thrive at Their Own Pace

Janice explains that with easy-to-follow dance routines to the most popular music by today’s artists in a non-competitive environment, children thrive at their own pace. These dance classes also give them a taste of the world of fitness while learning the importance of establishing healthy habits at an early age. Habits that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Janice shares, “As a Jazzercise Instructor for 14 years+, and with the passion I have for this dance exercise program, I love sharing it with clients and thoroughly enjoy their reaction to silly things I do in class from time to time. The smiles, laughter and giggles affirm that I am doing my job as an exercise instructor – making exercise fun.”

Giggling and Gaining Confidence

Janice explains, “It’s the same with kids….their giggles and laughter are contagious. They want to dance and sing to their favorite artists. They amazingly know all the words to the songs too! Children can channel their inner Taylor Swift or Carly Rae Jepsen on the dance floor at Junior Jazzercise. They will make new friends, gain confidence in themselves, try something they may have never done before and amaze themselves on how much they really can do!. I am just the catalyst for ‘a party atmosphere’. There’s no asking these kids twice if they want to dance to Adele or Kelly Clarkson. These names are very familiar to them.”

When Janice was asked the final question of what she likes most about teaching Jazzercise, she quickly offers, “I really just want to share my fun dance style with others – make laughter and play something we never lose – no matter how old we are!”

You’ll find Junior Jazzercise dance classes for three-to-five year olds, six-to-ten year olds and eight-to-twelve year olds at Lyrical Note. For class schedules or to register visit them online.

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