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Where to Shop For Halloween Costumes: Just Imagine

Where to Shop For Halloween Costumes: Just Imagine

where to shop for halloween costumes in vancouver just imagine

With the fall season in full swing and the leaves turning lovely shades of red, orange and gold it’s time to start thinking about other changes that will be coming our way soon. What am I talking about? Well costume changes of course. All Hallow’s Eve will soon be upon us! If you’re wondering where to shop for Halloween costumes in Vancouver, read on.

Do you need some great costume ideas for that big party you’ll be going to? Are your kids getting excited about the costume contest at school? Look no further than Just Imagine, a Vancouver institution since 1988. Just Imagine has some of the best costumes in town and also carries a large selection of dance and formal wear for kids. If you’re stuck for ideas, the staff are more than happy to help. They know the stock well and with three locations to serve you you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Need a special order? No problem, they know who to call.

Start With the Hat

One of the best pieces of advice I got about pulling together great costumes is to start with the hat. A great hat can make your costume stand out from the crowd while a cheap, plastic number can undermine the work you put in to the rest of your outfit. Just Imagine stocks a full range of fantastic hats displayed prominently in all three locations. From Cat in the Hat stripey hats to sci-fi Space Helmets and shark heads, there’s something for everyone.

One of my favourite things to do with my little family is to go to the Kids Market on Granville Island where Just Imagine has two shops. The one on the lower floor is strictly for dance and formal wear. Your little princess will die and go to heaven when she spots the gowns in her size.  For us, it’s where to shop for Halloween costumes in Vancouver.

Where to Shop for Halloween Costumes

Our little guy took no time at all in sussing out the hat selection and soon had his heart set on his favourite character hat. We knew we weren’t leaving without that hat but would feel good about the purchase knowing that the quality is second to none and will be around for more Halloweens to come.

Just Imagine fun.

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