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How to prepare your kids for the dentist

How to prepare your kids for the dentist

Half moon pediatric dentistry 2015-94 The dentist’s office can be a little daunting. We wonder how our little ones and thier little chompers will do while sitting in the big chair. Here are four great tips from Half moon Dentistry on how to prepare your kids for the dentist.

Start early

The best way to get a child comfortable at the dental office is to start early. The American and Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children have their first dental visit at the age of one.

Stay positive

Parents should have a very positive outlook for the dental visit. It’s not a good idea to share your own negative experiences with your child. Use age appropriate but very basic explanations of the process.

Find kids books about the dentist

Help familiarize your child with the process by picking up a book or two that talks about children visiting the dentist. Dora Goes to the Dentist is just one example of fun, educational and age-appropriate books on the topic.

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Talk about the fun stuff!

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Show them pictures and video of the dentist office like those posted on our website so they feel comfortable, and even excited, to visit. Many offices like ours have play areas where children can become comfortable with the environment before we bring them to the dental chair. Talk about fun stuff like TVs with cartoons, tons of toys, and the kid-friendly warmth. This article was sponsored by Half Moon Dentistry for Children. Your child deserves a healthy smile, and making smiles happen is what we’re all about at Half Moon Dentistry for Children. We help children of all backgrounds and varied degrees of treatment complexity find their smiles. Our range of services — preventive care, restorative care and oral health care for special needs children — are designed to ensure your child has a lifetime of healthy smiles. Dr. Nancy Vertel, our certified pediatric dentist, and the caring professionals at Half Moon Dentistry practice holistic patient care, using the latest techniques, treatments and technology to provide care tailored to your child’s unique needs.

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  • For basic tips, before the visit, play with your child at home, like play pretend and let them use a toothbrush to clean the teeth of a teddy bear or doll.

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