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Go Back-to-School in Eco-Chic Style

Go Back-to-School in Eco-Chic Style

Going green is a matter of course for many Vancouver moms – including when they’re shopping for back-to-school. That means stocking up on reusable water bottles, non-toxic lunchboxes, ethically-made clothes, recycled (and recyclable) school supplies, and a whole lot more. What if your kids don’t like drab-looking school supplies, though? If you’d like to go green without sacrificing style this year, we have some picks to share with you from the folks at Staples Canada.

Eco-Chic Back-to-School Picks

Sugarcane Notebookseco-chic back-to-school sugarcane notebooks

The Sustainable Earth by Staples™ Sugarcane-Based Notebooks are so sweet you could eat them up. This isn’t that surprising when you consider that the paper they’re made from contains 80% sugarcane content. To make the paper, they use the waste product left over after turning the sugarcane into sugar, reducing the number of trees that are cut down and maximizing the use of this renewable plant. The notebooks come in three sizes to suit every need, and some include handy features like pockets.

Scissors with Styleback-to-school green scissors

Your kids can head back-to-school in style with Westcott® KleenEarth Blunt-Tip Kids Scissors in Neon. These super-colourful scissors will make any kid smile. They’ll make green Vancouver moms smile, too, because they’re made from recycled plastic, and they carry a 10-year warranty. They can take anything your kids throw at them, and keep going strong. This makes them even greener, since you won’t have to replace them year after year.

Beautiful Report Coversgreen back-to-school

Staples® 100% Recycled Poly Plastic Report Covers are made from recycled plastic, as the name suggests. They’re also functional, durable and colourful, which will make both moms and kids happy. You can choose snap closure report covers, swing clip report covers or two pocket folders, so you’re all set whatever you find on your child’s supply list.

Reusable Lunchbox Picksback-to-school green stylish

Two little words have become a catchphrase for greening back-to-school: litterless lunch. It’s for good reason, too. Every time you opt for reusable over disposable, you’re living a little lighter on the earth. Over the course of a school year, that really adds up. We have some great options. The Fuel two-piece cutlery set is compact, foldable and stylish. Pair it with the Snack ‘n Dip Container with a spreader, also from Fuel, to keep everyone happily munching away, waste-free. Plus, the snack container comes in a variety of colours, so your kids can pick their favourites.

Do you have any secrets for making back-to-school green and stylish? Leave a reply and let us know!

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