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Feeding a Baby? Check out the Oogaa Baby Spoon

Article by Katie Smith, sharing a review of the Oogaa Baby Spoon courtesy of Raspberry Kids, which you’ll want to read if you’re feeding a baby.

Feeding a Baby Who’s the Boss

My daughter, who is one, is all kinds of sass and wonder. This is a nice way of saying she’s the boss. As hard as I try, when it comes to having an opinion about something she is loud about it, even if it’s in both love or dislike. When Raspberry Kids offered us the opportunity to test out the Oogaa Spoon I knew that I was game, but it might take a little something more to enroll the little one. It was designed for feeding a baby, but I wasn’t sure about my baby.

As a mom of two, I have become wary of the latest baby products, really wanting to avoid the overload of ‘stuff’ in our urban apartment. That’s not to say that I don’t ooh and ahhh over the wide selection of colors, natural fibers, and variety of everything from eating utensils to furniture that you can see in the hip mama shops. In fact with baby number two I hardly bought anything in preparation, even though my oldest was three years older. I just simply carried on with what I already had. I already knew about feeding a baby.

A Smash Hit

feeding a baby oogaa baby spoon review raspberry kidsNeedless to say, when we brought out the Oogaa Spoon at dinner one night I wasn’t sure it would make all that much of an impact. However, I quickly learned that some things are worth the investment, even if it’s just to ignite interest in mealtime! My little girl grasped that spoon with ease in her chubby hands and quickly scooped up the peas right off her plate. Feeding a baby is that much easier when she’s feeding herself. The other kid utensils in our drawer were quickly put to shame. Normally we help her scoop and serve herself, even if it’s just to ensure that she actually does eat, because generally the food falls off the spoon before ever making it to her face. But the Oogaa Spoon was much easier to handle. The novelty of its airplane like shape made it fun to look at, so much so that for a good two week period our ‘testing’ was on hiatus as my four year old hid it, because he thought it was so cool he wanted to keep it for himself.

What Makes the Oogaa Spoon Great

What I loved about the Oogaa Baby Spoon:

  • It’s made of silicone
  • It has ergonomic, easy-grip handles
  • Its amazing shape really inspires playfulness
  • It won’t corrode like plastic
  • It’s odourless and tasteless
  • It’s dishwasher safe!

There wasn’t anything I disliked about the spoon at all. It has become our go-to utensil for the little miss. If it’s dirty at mealtime it gets washed to use right away. I’d say that’s a big win for feeding a baby!

The Oogaa Baby Spoon is $6.99 at Raspberry Kids. Visit to check out the spoon, other Oogaa products, and a full range of gear to make feeding a baby just that much easier.

Katie Smith is a mom of two and lover of all things Vancouver, as well as one of our Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers for 2012. She’s pursuing her goal of running her first half marathon this summer, but while training she makes it her goal to run at least one block like Pheobe did in Friends – arms flailing and feet dancing, just to make sure life stays fun! You can follow the fun at or via twitter at @worldbysmith.

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