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Climb into Spring Break at Clip ‘n Climb Vancouver

Climb into Spring Break at Clip ‘n Climb Vancouver

Guest Post by Shannon Sawicki

Kids climbing the walls and driving you crazy? Wondering what you are going to do during Spring Break? Head to Clip ‘n Climb where climbing the walls in not only allowed, it’s encouraged!

Clip ‘n Climb Vancouver has all the based covered: fitness, fun and family. Your child will love the thrill and excitement of climbing to new heights. This family friendly indoor climbing centre is home to two dozen climbing walls and colourful cliff like structures.

Things to do at Clip ‘n Climb

As they say on their website, Clip ‘n Climb Vancouver is “climbing reinvented.” This describes the place perfectly – it’s not a standard climbing-wall facility at all. Instead, it’s a modern, colorful venue with some two dozen completely different structures where people climb independently.

There are ropes that you clip into at the facility, so you’re safe if you fall, but the automated belay devices work on their own – nobody on the ground has to hold onto them. On a personal note, letting go and repelling down turned out to be surprisingly difficult for me.

In addition to  ladders, staircases and a wide variety of climbing structures including one in the dark. There is a Vertical Drop Slide but it’s closed at the moment due to covid.

For those who really want a thrill, there is also a Leap of Faith element where, if you dare, you climb up high and then jump as far as you can to a soft punching-bag-like piece of apparatus that’s hanging up to between about 2 and 4 yards away and over 15 feet off the ground. This is only available on weekends and was not open during our visit.

Clip ‘n Climb is a fabulous facility that’s fun, challenging and a great source of exercise for all ages and climbing-skill levels.

Clip ‘n Climb Tips & Advice

The following are some suggestions and things to know to help make the most out of your experience.

TIP #1:  You don’t have to be an experienced climber or in tip-top shape to participate. That being said, the activity is not recommended for people who are afraid of heights, or have balance issues or upper body (ie:arm or shoulder) injuries.

TIP #2: Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.  Time to check in, tuck your stuff away, and go to the washroom.

TIP #3: Go to the bathroom before the start of your session. To use the toilet you’ll need to get out and back into your harness.

TIP #4:  Bring water and snacks for afterwards.

TIP #5: An hour is a good amount of time. It’s long enough that you’ll get a fair workout, but not so long that you’ll get bored or too tired.

TIP #6: Prior to climbing you’ll need to fill out a waiver, I suggest doing this online to save time at check-in.

TIP #7: Wear  comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes. You’ll be wearing a harness in kind of a diaper-fashion, and climbing up fairly high, above people’s heads.  Dress accordingly.

TIP #8: “Red on the ground, go around.” Make sure you don’t stand at the bottom of a structure that someone else is climbing up (or dropping back down from one).

TIP #9 Young children can manage many of the structures on their own with adult supervision. They might need help buckling themselves in and out at the start and finish of each climb.

See Also

TIP #10: A couple of the easiest and most simple structures to climb are the Jungle Gym and Big Cheese. These are the ones we started on.

Final Verdict…..

Clip n’ Climb is a fun place to play, a great venue to introduce rock climbing, and perfect if you looking to try something totally different. 


Located at 1751 Savage Road, Clip ‘n Climb is just on the other side of the Fraser River from South Vancouver near the Knight Street Bridge. NB: The building is set back from the road and isn’t so easy to see. Look out for the small signs on the road for the turnoff and a brightly coloured building.


Admission rates to the facility are for 75-minute time slots composed of a 15-minute safety brief and an hour of climbing. When you book online you can choose your date and time, and also see how many spaces are available.

Monday-Thursday              10am to 6pm
Friday                                    10am to 7pm
Saturday & Sundays            10am to 7pm


  • The cost for 1 hour of climbing is $16+ tax  for children ages 4-5 ( Not recommended for under 4 years old)
  • $20+ tax  for 6+  For this price you get access to all but a couple of the climbing structures, so around 20 in total.
  • There is typically no charge for parents who don’t want to climb but need to accompany their young children, which is great.
  • The Vertical Drop Slide and Leap of Faith elements cost extra.

COVID 19 Protocols

  • Maximum of 10 climbers can participate at any one time
  • Maintain appropriate physical distancing
  • Walls and other surfaces are being disinfected regularly.
  • Guests are also encouraged to wear gloves, but doing so is not compulsory
  • There are hand sanitizer dispensers on the floor by the walls. Use them between climbs.

Clip ‘n Climb Vancouver

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