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Check out this monthly adventure delivered right to your door!

Check out this monthly adventure delivered right to your door!

Over the last few months, we parents have been spending a lot of time at home with our kids. We’ve played every game, we’ve read every book and we’ve allowed more screen time than we ever dreamed we’d be comfortable with. We understand the value of play and imagination but facilitating creativity on a continual basis can be exhausting.

When VM heard PK Beans, a playful local clothing company, had created a monthly subscription box we were intrigued. The brand is known for its passion for play and our kids love getting mail, so it seemed like a win-win.

The PK Beans Explorers’ Club

The PK Beans Explorers’ Club is a monthly subscription, for kids aged 3-6, called ‘Get Dressed for Adventure.’ Every month, kids receive the new volume of an ongoing adventure along with games, interactive activities and augmented reality features. Characters Jack and Lilah Bean and all their Beansie friends invite children into the immersive story experience that moves from the book, to the screen, to active play.

The PK Beans Explorers’ Club

It is no secret kids are getting a lot of screen time these days. To nurture imagination and a healthy digital diet, based in real life play, the PK Beans Explorers’ Club promotes purposeful active play. By downloading the accompanying app and scanning pages of the storybook characters come to life, adding new dimension to their story.  The digital activities are used purposefully and in moderation, letting kids pause and think. And ultimately, storytelling ties everything together, engaging kids and their imaginations throughout.

The PK Beans Explorers’ Club

Each month a new Beansie friend is introduced and the adventure continues to a new location on the Explorer’s map. The aim of the Explorers’ Club is to have fun, build self-confidence and connect kids to the world in ways that develop a healthy appetite for life. It also keeps them entertained, taking an active role in the adventures, building on stories and anticipating what will unfold the following month. In a time when being home is rather monotonous, there’s nothing better than finding mail at the door and something fresh to spark the imagination!

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This post was sponsored by The PK Beans Explorers’ Club

The PK Beans Explorers’ Club

PK Beans, who recently rebranded from Peekaboo Beans, has designed clothing inspired by play, independence and confidence for over 10 years. The brand has brought their passion for stories to life by creating The PK Beans Explorers’ Club. PK Beans Explorers’ Club is a monthly storybook adventure designed to boost kids’ curiosity and imagination. Find out more at:

Instagram: @pkbexplorersclub
Facebook: @pkbexplorersclub
Created by @pkbeanskids #getdressedforadventure #pkbexplorersclub

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