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For 17 days, hundreds of restaurants across the city will entice you with mouth-watering dishes and experiences at wallet-approved prices. Dine Out Vancouver is a great way to try out that restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit, and a fantastic way to introduce your kids to new cuisine.

Is your child bouncing off the walls, doing back flips onto the couch or running around like a spinning top? Are you a teeny bit concerned they’re going to hurt themselves on the neighbour’s backyard trampoline? If so, it might be time to send them away to the circus, circus camp that is. CircusWest can…

Next time you’re flying along the Sea to Sky on your way to Whistler, stop by the Britannia Mine Museum. You will not be disappointed! It is a kid-friendly, educational but exciting outing for kids and parents.¬†We wanted to hear more about this National Historic Site so we chatted with¬†Britannia Mine Museum. Give us a…


Fresh Start Guide

Isn’t it time for fresh start? Wipe away the sins of the holidays and the false starts of January and jump into the rest of the New Year enthusiastic and motivated.

“Kids are just impossible to control!” The show tune lyrics from Bye, Bye Birdie rang loud and clear across the Malkin Bowl, entertaining an audience composed of family, friends and lovers. The irony of the lyrics lay in the captivated little faces throughout the bowl. No parental restraint was necessary to keep these munchkins in…

Cathy Piso’s Kids Vancouver is a popular directory offering Vancouver families a plethora of information, including a list of birthday party magicians, fun things to do in Vancouver, upcoming swap meets and more. We had a chance to connect with Cathy and find out more about this valuable resource.