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VM Picks: Top Family Photographers, a Q&A with My City Photos

VM Picks: Top Family Photographers, a Q&A with My City Photos Top Family Photographer Award

Our Top Newborn, Family and Portrait Photographers in Vancouver list highlights photographers who demonstrate a high calibre of professionalism and talent and specialize in maternity, newborn or family photography.

We connected with Laura-Lee Gerwing AKA LL about her family photography work.

Top Family Photographers, a Q&A with My City Photos

Tell us a bit about your photography business

Family photo by My City Photos

With just a camera and a laptop in hand and no formal training, I built my photography business through dedication and determination over the past 10 years. 

I’m so grateful for my journey as I would not be one of Vancouver’s leading Family Photographers without the choices I have made and the lessons I have learned! 

What should clients expect when working with you?

When working with me you can expect your experience to be like hanging out with a friend. One that likes to direct, be super picky about details, be creative, laugh and talk and make a fool of herself in any way needed to make your kids smile. 

3. Why (or how) did you get into photography?

I come from a bit of an older generation (I’m 41) and when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life professionally I never in a million years thought my hobby of photography was the answer.  Being a professional ‘creative’ was something not encouraged or that common when I was in school. But in Nov 2009, my sister in law said ‘Hey, you should do one of those Groupon things!’ I threw caution to the wind and that Groupon made me $9,000 in one day. I quit my serving job that week and decided to give photography everything I had and I never looked back. The next 5 years were some of the hardest and most rewarding years of my life to date. 

4. How would you describe your photographic style?

Family photo by My City Photos

I use the word ‘variation’ a lot when talking about my photography. Because I am self taught, I have tried a lot of different styles of photography over the years and I have naturally created a bit of a hybrid mish mash style of my own that sets me apart from others. I love to take candid and lifestyle shots but I also love a good smiley looking at the camera photo. Overall I would say my photos capture a family in a variation of moods that range from fun, warm, energetic, real and loving! 

The other day I was called a ‘Magical Human Unicorn’ haha and that by far was the BEST compliment I have ever received … I have a way with kids and because of my experience I am able to document with my camera the realness of those kids and their families. From the smiles to the tears I love to photograph it all! Check out my reviews to see for yourself! 

LL, My City Photos

5. Can you share a few a quick tips on how to prepare your kids for a photo shoot?

Family photo by My City Photos

Number one tip – Stay positive. If you talk to them like it’s going to be a ‘chore’ to have photos done then that is what they will expect it to be. Having family photos should be a fun experience for everyone so keep that positive energy going from the start and your kids (and partner) will follow your lead! 

My number two tip – Do you. From location of your session to what you wear to what you do in front of the camera. Just do YOU as a family! Photography documents your family NOW. So who are you? What do you love to do together? Do that!! 

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6. What is the best part about being a Family Photographer?

That’s easy, making kids smile. Nothing better! 

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