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VM Picks: Summer Camps Q&A with Vancouver Outdoors Society

VM Picks: Summer Camps Q&A with Vancouver Outdoors Society

Vancouver Outdoors Society offers thrilling and educational summer camps for kids and youth. Whether you’re seeking a camp that ignites curiosity or encourages outdoor activity, Vancouver Outdoors Society has the perfect program. Check out our VM Picks: Top Vancouver Summer Camps list featuring some of our favourite camps for kids and youth.

We interviewed with the team to learn more about their Summer Camps, and here’s what they had to say.

Top Summer Camps in Vancouver: Vancouver Outdoors Society

What is the mission and philosophy of your summer camp, and how does it align with Vancouver parents’ needs?

A group of kids hiking up a mountain with the Vancouver Outdoors Society Summer camp
Photo credit: Vancouver Outdoors Society

Our mission is to help youth develop character and potential through engaging programs. Our activities foster honesty, leadership, trust, courage, and patience, creating meaningful growth experiences. We work closely with parents to positively influence their children’s lives. Join us for beyond-adventure learning and build resilient future leaders!

What sets your camp apart from others in the area?

A young girl smiling looking up after doing rock climbing with Vancouver Outdoors Society Summer Camps

Our non-profit organization stands out by helping teens reach their highest potential through Experiential Education in our adventures.

What is Experiential Education? Experiential Education in its simplest form is “learning by doing.” This learning style engages learners with hands-on experiences, fostering knowledge, expertise, beliefs, and personal growth through reflection.

Can you provide an overview of the activities and programs your camp offers during summer camp, and how they contribute to children’s development?

3 kids rock climbing a mountain for the Vancouver Outdoors Society Summer Camps
Photo credit: Vancouver Outdoors Society

To understand and appreciate the spectacular wild and natural beauty of British Columbia the group will spend two nights camped outside under the stars at a backcountry trail campsite. There will also be a high alpine day hike (accessed by gondola car) where participants will travel in a high mountain environment where there are year-round snow fields and glaciers! Participants will learn about the history and culture of local First Nations and will also get the opportunity to explore the city of Vancouver along with the Olympic town of Whistler. This exciting program is perfectly designed for teens and will leave each participant with incredible memories! It is a once in a lifetime experience and we hope you will join us for your unforgettable Canadian Dream Summer!

The list of activities we have to offer are:

  • Ocean sea kayaking
  • Rock climbing
  • Town of Whistler pedal and paddle cultural exploration day
  • Two nights of Tent Wilderness Camping out
  • City of Vancouver Great Adventure Race
  • Canadian First Nations Aboriginal Adventure Day
  • Mountain Top Snow Field Hiking
  • Stand up paddle boarding

Share success stories or testimonials from previous participants and their parents. How have children benefited from your camp?

You can find some of our success stories and testimonials in the video below.

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Video Credit: Vancouver Outdoors Society

To register for summer camps >> Vancouver Outdoors Society Summer Camp

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Vancouver Outdoors Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students reach their highest potential through Experiential Education. By providing hands-on, real-world learning experiences, the society fosters personal growth, environmental stewardship, and a passion for lifelong learning.

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