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Summer Camps Round Up for Teens in Metro Vancouver

Summer Camps Round Up for Teens in Metro Vancouver

We’ve made a Summer Camps Round-Up just for teens. Like many parents, you are looking for ways to engage your teens offline this summer. This list will help guide you through some fun and exciting camps that are great for the older kids in your life. From art skills and filmmaking to staying outside on Spanish Banks’ beaches, these camps have something for everyone.

As a mom to teens and a former educator, I suggest finding camps to introduce your teen to like-minded peers. Do they love TikTok? Put the in Shoreline Studio or Emily Carr Teen Summer programs. Do they love the beach? Try Windsure skim boarding or surfboarding. They might grumble at first, but they’ll thank you for it later.

Top Summer Teen Camps in Vancouver, 2022

Shoreline Studios Acting Camp

Photo Credit: Shoreline Studios

Do you have a budding actor? TikToc star? A YouTuber or a child that is interested in those avenues? Shoreline offers a range of classes that help teens develop and create new skills. Shoreline’s classes help build confidence and foster creativity, it’s also a great way for teens to connect with a like-minded community.

Age Group: 13 – 15 Yrs
Age Group: 16 – 18 Yrs

Dates: July 11TH – July 15TH (2:30PM – 7:30PM)

July 25TH – July 29TH ( 2:30PM – 7:30PM)

August 8TH – August 12TH ( 2:30PM – 7:30PM)

​>> Q & A With Shoreline Academy

Vancouver Independent School for Science & Technology

A row of lego battery run machines sit on a shelf.
Photo Credit: VISST Coding for Robotics Summer Camp 2022

Introduce your teen to a new spin on iPhone usage! Have you heard of VISST? It stands for Vancouver Independent School for Science and Technology. They’re a new school that offers Summer STEM camps for kids 9-17. Camps include coding, robotics, bridge design and more.

Bridges: From Design to Prototype
Age Group 11+

Puzzle Programming
Age Group 10+

Electricity: from Frogs to iPhones
Age Group 12-15


>> Q & A with VISST

Little Kitchen Academy Cooking Camps

Photo Credit: Little Kitchen Academy

Give your teen the independence they crave by getting them in the kitchen over at Little Kitchen Academy. Once your teen has mastered the skills of kitchen safety, they can start helping create summer dinner or be in change of their own lunches. It’s a win for you and them.

Age 13+

Skills Little Kitchen Academy offer:

  • this stage of development finds teenagers re-evaluating their confidence, and they need this space to take on challenges that fuel their skills, that help them feel pride.
  • these ‘late night’ classes give them a place to go and have fun together while learning valuable life skills.
  • we can feel more comfortable when sending them off onto their next adventure with the ability to feed themselves with healthy ingredients.

>> Little Kitchen Academy

See Also

Windsure Adventure Watersports

Photo credit: Windsure Adventure Watersports

A fun outdoor camp with beach views from Spanish Banks! The camps at Windsure offer a lot, from skill-building to learning about community and interacting with peers, all while having fun! These are the perfect camps if you have a water-loving or curious outdoorsy teen.

Windsurfing Youth Camp (Half Day)

Age Group: 10-15

Advanced Windsurfing Youth Camp (Half Day)

Age Group: 10-15

>>Windsure Adventure Watersports

Emily Carr Summer Institute for Teens

Photo credit: Emily Carr EU

Enrol your teen into Emily Carr Summer Institute for Teens and they will have the opportunity to take classes on campus. With access to the studios, equipment and community, teens will have a chance to improve and build on their skills or work towards building a career in the arts.

Age Group: 15-18

>> Emily Carr Summer Institute for Teens

This post is sponsored by the above camps. If you have a summer camp and you’d like to be listed, please visit us here.

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