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VM Picks: 2019 Summer Camps, a Q&A with The World of Kidtropolis

VM Picks: 2019 Summer Camps, a Q&A with The World of Kidtropolis

The World of Kidtropolis is a no-brainer for parents looking to amuse and engage their kids, but did you know they have Spring Break camps too? Truth! We chatted with CEO Ginny Lam about their awesome kids camps where kids learn, use their imaginations, have fun and make friends.

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Give us a brief description of your camp:

At our Summer Camps, kids are encouraged to let their imaginations soar with awesome, hands-on exploratory activities such as science experiments, creative art projects and designing life-sized games. Of course we also allow plenty of time for children to play and learn in our pretend city – a 18,000 sq. foot playground that is ready and waiting to welcome kids this spring season!

What makes your camp unique?

Kidtropolis Kid Camps are amazingly unique. The kids use their imaginations to become firefighters, police officers, dentists, doctors, teachers, restaurant patrons, news reporters and whatever else their imagination takes them. Each week, our Kid Camp leaders will explore arts, science, math and physical projects. There is never a dull moment in this city!

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Kids Spring Break Camps

What are 2 highlights of your camp, something the kids will talk about after camp is over?

Kidtropolis Kid Camps work within our community to bring real-life experiences to the Kid Campers. The kids have an opportunity to visit a working kitchen and make their own pizzas. They can test their competitive spirit and learn about Science with the Egg Drop Challenge. On top of all the fun in the camps, the kids will have a chance to make new friends with their fellow kid campers.

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What will kids learn at your camp?

Kidtropolis Kid Campers will have a ton of fun learning about Math, Science, Art and have fun doing that! Our goal is to have each Kid Camper learn through play and be in a place that fosters imagination and creativity. Through our guest speakers who are members of our community, they will also learn about different jobs and how they play a role in the world.

This post is sponsored by one of our Community Builders, The World of Kidtropolis

The World of Kidtropolis is an interactive city model designed to provide a safe, unique and realistic educational environment that lets kids do what they do best: pretend play! Our goal is to provide purposeful play and hands-on learning experiences in a family-focused environment. Children use their imagination to become firefighters, police officers, restaurant owners, teachers, stage performers and more. Kidtropolis is the perfect environment for parents and caregivers to bond with their children by participating together in pretend play!

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