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Where to Eat in Vancouver: 24 Hour Restaurants

Where to Eat in Vancouver: 24 Hour Restaurants

Once you have kids, you’re not up all night partying – but you may still be up all night. If you find yourself wandering the halls with a cranky baby at 2:00 am, or if a pregnancy craving hits and you need a bagel right now, you may want to hit a restaurant or cafe that’s open all night long.

Where to Eat in Vancouver 24/7

Duffins Donuts

Duffin’s  is where to eat in Vancouver anytime you are hungry at any hour of the day for any kind of food. Squishiest, freshest donuts in the city! Beats Tim’s by a long shot.  But they are so much more than donuts. Think pupusas, tamales, fried chicken, hot torta subs, chorizo and egg sandwichs to satisfy any and all kinds of late night munchies.

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1391 E 41st Ave, Vancouver

Siegel’s Bagels

Siegel’s Bagels in Kitsilano sells 21 varieties of Montreal style bagels. Flavours include muesli
, banana walnut
, cranberry orange, and 
rosemary rocksalt. They have a special 24 hour menu with five items. However, if you are going to eat late at night, do it right and go for the loaded Siegel’s Bagels’ Big Breakfast Bagel (contains smoked meat, egg, red onion, green pepper, tomato, lettuce, cream cheese topped with melted, gooey cheddar).

1883 Cornwall Ave., Vancouver

Breka Bakery and Café

Breka is a family-owned European-style bakery that opened in 2006. They have a large variety of dishes including breakfast croissants, wraps, salads, casseroles, paninis and cold cut sandwiches. They also have a bakery section that produces cakes, buns, pastries and cookies.

6533 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Pho Hoa

Pho Hoa serves a variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes. You can start with some tasty, rice-paper rolls filled with either shrimp or pork and vegetables then move on to noodle soups. These are categorized for beginners (vegetable or lean beef options), regulars (fattier beef options), or adventurers (“unusual” meats such as brisket, flank, tendon and tripe). There’s even a kids’ option of a brisket and meat ball pho with a soft drink. If you are not in the mood for soup there are also vermicelli bowls with meat served over vermicelli noodles. Pho Hoa is your best bet for a healthy late night snack for any age.

3121 Granville Street, Vancouver

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 Lucy’s Eastside Diner

If you are looking for classic diner food in a funky setting, look no further! Lucy’s offers a wide array of breakfast dishes (bennys, scrambles, pancakes, parfaits) dinner (steaks, pulled pork, burgers, salads) and even offers a selection of “boozy” shakes (these however are not 24 hours). Lucy’s also offers specialty dishes such as the root beer pulled pork sandwich which is slow roasted pork in root beer and rub served with coleslaw inside and fries outside.

2708 Main Street, East Vancouver

The Naam

Have you ever wanted to try Vancouver’s most famous vegetarian restaurant? You’re up with the baby anyways, might as well make a midnight munchie trip and grab a Dragon Bowl or their delicious Naam burger. Serving portions are enough for two people or just the right size for a nursing mom. Take-out is also available.

2724 W. 4th Avenue

Bon appetit! (no matter what the hour!)

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