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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Lissa Lo of Creative Childhood Photography

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Lissa Lo of Creative Childhood Photography

Like most photographers, Lissa Lo seldom appears in photos because she’s usually the one taking the picture. A wife and mother of two (“three if you count the dog, four if you add the husband”), Lissa loves photography like she loves her McD coffee every morning. “Can’t do without it.”


Why did you get into photography?

It’s one of the things I love and am good at. I’ve been taking pictures since my school days. Back then, it was film and I wanted to be a .. {ahem}.. National Geographic photographer. When I first met my husband, he was already shooting with the first generation digital camera and I was in awe (more of the camera than him – haha!).  When my second child was born, I researched on newborn pictures for inspiration to photograph my baby. As my kids grow, I kept photographing them in their play or sleep.  Now, my first and foremost reason for taking up that camera is recording my kids’ lives in pictures.



Tell us a bit about your company.

With the support of photographer friends, I started photographing professionally, albeit part-time. I chose children/family photography because I love doing that and it works with my schedule. My kids are still growing up and it’s important that I’m there for them. I only take up a number of sessions a year and there’s no pressure in filling up the calendar. I love having the creative freedom and my clients trust me on that. I strive to capture life differently. After seeing the pictures, clients usually comment that I’ve captured them or their babies perfectly. That rocks my boat. 🙂


How would you characterize your style of photography?

A lot of us children photographers are influenced by Audrey Woulard, Tara Whitley and Barb Uil who do natural light, lifestyle, candid photography. I love what they do and they (especially Tara) are a great influence. My kids are my inspiration as well. When I first started photographing babies, I joined the bandwagon of hanging naked babies in knitted scarfs or towels. Everyone’s doing it and it’s just so cliche now. My new approach is to capture raw, everyday emotions. From mom breastfeeding, dad with plain adoration on his face looking at his baby yawning to a family having a fun day.  It’s life.. unscripted as TLC would say.



Who are your clients?

They are mostly young parents who are starting a family. They appreciate the art and the investment they put into having their pictures done professionally. I don’t know why but I usually get the shy fathers or husbands though. 🙂

What should your mom clients expect when working with you?

A fun, laid-back, crazy session. I stress on fun. I enjoy mom clients who are open-minded to my suggestions, and vice versa. I once had a client who told me that she was adventurous and “yes I’m crazy.” I brought a jug of 2L milk with me to her house without telling her what I wanted to do with it. We had an awesome, messy session in her kitchen and one of the picture became my very favourite. What I love most though is playing with the toddlers while photographing them. They are such great fun people and they always make me laugh. Creative Childhood Photography

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