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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Jenn Best of Jenn Best Photography

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Jenn Best of Jenn Best Photography

Photographer Jenn Best believes that true personal connections are priceless, everyone is beautiful, laughter is the best medicine, kids say the darndest things, everyday is worth celebrating, inspiration is everywhere and love is God’s sweetest creation.

Why did you get into photography?

Photography for me has been an evolution of opportunities and a great discovery of how fun it is to interact with people and consciously create great portraits and catch meaningful moments. I’ve always been artistic, was always creating things as a kid. I constantly re-arranged my bedroom every weekend, colour coordinated my books and drew pictures all the time – I have a great memory of drawing on the dining room walls. Photography though found me while traveling in China as a teenager. ÊLooking at the world and seeing things in a 4×6 square and being able to highlight and focus on exactly what I wanted to see and recording what I liked seeing was so wonderful. I continued to study photography and worked in photo labs through university and then it all started when the first child was born into my husband’s family and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of him. From there a friend asked me to photograph their wedding and the rest they say is history. I worked as an assistant and an associate for 4 years and then moved into Jenn Best Photography officially about 3 years ago. I can not imagine myself doing anything else. I get to instantly create beauty on an ongoing basis and get paid for it – what could beat that.



Tell us a bit about your company.

Jenn Best Photography is about photography that celebrates the love, joy and laughter in life. I specialize in couples for weddings/engagements and kids for family photography and can’t imagine shooting just one or the other. I really want my clients to feel something when they look at their images not just see something or someone.

Jenn Best Photography is also about offering very stylish products to enjoy your images in. Whether its creating a stylish album with whimsical designs and classic silk or leather covers or creating pieces of art like canvas waps and modern acrylic mounts I want my clients images to be enjoyed now in their everyday life as well as 30 and 50 years from now.


How would you characterize your style of photography?

My visual style is clean, fresh, bright, vibrant and a bit whimsical. I strive for my images to look clean and always use natural light. I really love sunny days where I can use amazing light and bright colours. I love shooting in people’s homes and places that are special to them so their photos are anchored in a place that is meaningful. I want my photography to be about capturing connections and relationships, personalities and lifestyles. I don’t just want portraits to be about looking at the camera (I hate getting kids to say cheese). Instead I want to capture real giggles, tickle fights, genuine laughter and smiles.


Who are your clients?

My clients are people who love love and life and treasure the little imperfect moments as much as the fancy ones. They are people who don’t take themselves too seriously and really look forward to having a good time in life. They are both couples in love and families of joy who tend to be quite stylish in their personal style and homes and want great images to document their lives. I often love chatting with my clients about great restaurants, good bottles of wine, stores, clothes as well as their love stories, wedding plans, the funny things their kids say, the crazy things they do and the things they love most about their children. I have the best clients. 🙂

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What should your mom clients expect when working with you?

I’m a pretty relaxed and easygoing person and like to joke around, play and have a good time. The best compliment to me from my clients is that I make it easy and fun, they almost forget they’re getting their photo taken. That and often times the kids don’t want me to leave, they want to keep playing – I love how quick kids are to make a connection. My moms should know I have lots of experience with kids; I’m lucky to be an Aunt to some amazing kids and also have years of experience working at summer camps and daycares. I want my clients to have a good time and not stress out about how their kids are behaving. Sometimes each child just takes a bit of time to warm up and so I try not to force anything and just make a connection with them – it all works out in the end.

Anything else to add?

I love my husband and our families and have been photographing them for years for fun and to document all the amazing-amazingness and heart-melting-cuteness that occurs . Family is very important to us and so I can really appreciate the connections my clients have in their own families. I understand how important a photo can be in life, in reliving memories and as family heirlooms. I absolutely love to look back on photographs and see all the crazy things we did as kids growing up, the way we looked with no front teeth, photos of playing with cousins and interacting and seeing all the connections and love that has always existed. I want my clients to have the same thing for their families; I want all of my clients to have photos Êto treasure of their amazing moments as well as the ordinary ones.

Jenn Best Photography | Twitter: @jenn_best

All photos © Jenn Best Photography

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