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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Erica Miller of Erica Miller Photography

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Erica Miller of Erica Miller Photography

Photographer Erica Miller has a passion for people that allows her to reach in and draw people out, seeing their beauty and uniqueness both as a photographer and as a friend. She loves to have fun – especially laughing and finding the joy in life every day with her husband Shawn and son Zion.


Why did you get into photography?

My parents bought me a lovely hot pink camera at the age of eight and from that moment on I began exploring the creative world of photography; capturing the special moments in my childhood and beyond. I love exploring the stories that each of us has and drawing out the beauty and life that lies within all of us. Being a photographer has allowed me to interact with and meet so many rad, wonderful people. It is so rewarding being able to express myself through this art form and thinking outside of the box.


Tell us a bit about your company.

Erica Miler Photography was born out of my passion for the arts and for people. I have always been an artist and I have always loved to take photos but it wasn;t until 6 years ago that I entertained the idea of merging the two together. When I purchased my first SLR camera I was hooked (this was right before digital SLRs came out) and the rest is history.  From that point on I have always looked for new and exciting ways to portrait the world through my photos. You can have one person shot by 20 photographers and have 100 different photos, that is what I love. The world and its people are so big and so vast there is now way it can all be captured. I love that feeling – endless possibility! My passion and my commitment is to continue to shoot the world and its beings the way I see it and share my point of view to inspire others. My mantra for Erica Miller Photography is A picture shouldn’t be worth 1000 words, it should be worth zero. The viewer should be left speechless. That is my goal and that is why I do what I do!


How would you characterize your style of photography?

Vibrant. Fresh. Candid. Artistic. Natural. Full of interaction and emotion.


Who are your clients?

Oh goodness, Anyone really. Belly bumps, women, families, babies, children, births, love birds, a bride and groom. My clients are those who appreciate and see the value in investing in photographs that will last a lifetime. I am always looking to expand my horizons and explore new photographic opportunities, so please contact me with your ideas!

What should your mom clients expect when working with you?

Expect a walk amongst the trees, mountains or along the ocean; A stroll with a great cup of coffee in a rural field or jam-packed city street. Lounging around your home while I photograph you and your family in your own environment or come join me in my home to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and baked goods. We will laugh, “ooooooo” and “ahhhhh” over your baby or children, share stories and have a lot of fun along the way. You will see me on the ground or floor to get the right angle for your photograph, contorted around a tree or bush, standing on a log or chair, running around playing tag or trying to tell a joke (ha!) all to get that special photograph.

Anything else to add?

If you haven’t guessed it already, I absolutely love what I do and am honored and privileged to play such a special role in people’s lives.

Erica Miller Photography | Twitter: @PhotosbyEricaMFacebook

All photos © Erica Miller Photography.

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