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Podcast: Talking Preschool with Little Sunshine’s Peggy Lee

Podcast: Talking Preschool with Little Sunshine’s Peggy Lee

Choosing a preschool can be more than a little bit daunting. The perfect fit isn’t always easy to find. For one Vancouver family, however, the answer was something entirely different. When Peggy Lee and her husband were exploring preschool options for their daughter, they decided the answer was to start their own. The result is Little Sunshine Academy, opening its doors this September in Kerrisdale.

Talking Preschool with a Pro

We recently connected with Peggy for a podcast. We wanted to find out what prompted her to start her own preschool. While many Vancouver moms feel nervous as the first day of school or preschool approaches, very few decide to create a school of their own. We also talked about what makes Little Sunshine different. What did Peggy and her husband put into their ideal school to make it stand out?

Whether or not Little Sunshine is the ideal preschool for you, if you have a preschooler of your own you’ll want to listen to our podcast with Peggy Lee. During our conversation she shared her tips for helping your child prepare for the first day. Did you know there’s a simple game you can play to ease separation? Peggy also gave us tips for preparing a positive early-learning environment at home. After all, while school is important, all the things that happen outside of school hours matter just as much, if not more.

Podcast with Peggy Lee

Take 20 minutes to hear more about one Vancouver mom’s journey towards creating the perfect preschool. You’ll be glad you did.

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