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Rare and Exotic Snack Shops in Vancouver that Kids Will Love!

Rare and Exotic Snack Shops in Vancouver that Kids Will Love!

Exotic Snack Shops in Vancouver

Rare and Exotic Snack Shops are popping up all around Vancouver. Aisle after aisle of delicious treats that are hard-to-find and imported favourites are at your fingertips. If you have a budding foodie or are just looking for a sweet way to spend the day, browsing these tasty treats is like walking through candy land.

Lucky’s Exotic Bodega

A photo of an aisle of Efrutti and other gummies at Lucky's Bodega for Vancouver rare and exotic treats in Vancouver.
Photo credit: Lucky’s Bodega

Birthday Cake KitKat, All Pink Starbursts, or Wagyu Steak Flavor Lay’s chips imported from Thailand; this shop will make you want all the exciting treats. Can’t decide? Start with the Lucky’s Starter Pack Mystery box! They have two locations; you might want to visit them both!

1361 E 41st Ave, Vancouver
2641 E Hastings St, Vancouver

Snack Attack

A photo of an aisles of chips and salty snacks at Snack Attack for Vancouver rare and exotic treats in Vancouver.
Photo credit: Snack Attack

Snack Attack prides itself on nostalgic treats. Treat yourself or your kids to everything from salty lime chips to gummies donuts! You can find imported treats from all over the world; the UK, Germany, Turkey, China, Korea, and more are expected soon.

1022 Kingsway Unit #3, Vancouver

Sunshine Coast Convenience Store

The outside view of Sunshine Coast Convenience Store featuring rare snacks in Vancouver.
Photo credit: Sunshine Coast Convenience Store

Reese Peanut Butter Cupcakes, TGIF Onion Rings Chips, and Oreo Caramels are just some of the standouts at this rare snack store. Make sure to browse their frozen treat section!

2798 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Dank Mart

A bright photo of aisles of imported rare and exotic treats in Vancouver.
Photo credit: Dank Mart

Looking for childhood favourites like Fruity Pebbles cereal, Yoo-hoo drinks, or Dunk-A-Roos? We love Dank Mart’s bright and fun space. They have cake mixes and check-in for seasonal items like ‘Jones Turkey and Gravy’ soda pop!

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6418 Main St, Vancouver

Ilu’s Convenience Store

A close up of two bags and two small canisters of imported Skittles for rare snacks in Vancouver.
Photo credit: Ilu’s Convenience Store

The Bubble Tea selection at Ilu’s will make any boba lover extra happy! Not only do they have Fruity Pebbles, but they also have MAGIC Fruity Pebbles. If you are a cereal connoisseur, you’ll want to add this shop to your must-visit list!

2180 Kelly Ave, Port Coquitlam

Just like visiting a candy store, these shops are great for a fun treat every now and then. They make perfect places to escape the rain or birthday party gifts. Do you have a rare treat you have found in Vancouver? Tag us at #vancouvermom so we can share it!

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