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How to have a Holly Jolly Virtual Christmas!

How to have a Holly Jolly Virtual Christmas!

It looks like even an ‘Outdoor Christmas’ with family and friends is off the table this year. As restrictions have tightened and back-yard visits are no longer allowed, we’ve officially dubbed 2020 as The Year of the Virtual Christmas!

No matter what the restrictions are when December 25 rolls around, this year is not going to be normal. It may feel like holiday joy is being taken away, but we all need to try our best to make it fun for our kids — and for ourselves.

Here are some unique ways to create your own holiday magic this year, as well as connect with family and friends — even if they’re virtually.

7 ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive virtually

1. Book your virtual Santa visit!

I have already done one virtual Santa visit and have another booked for my kids. The first one was phenomenal! My three kids are all very young, 4 and under, and they loved it! I cannot say enough good things about it. They have been talking about it and asking to phone Santa again every day since we had our live zoom chat with him.

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2. Host a holiday zoom sing-a-long

We have a holiday zoom Christmas sing-a-long planned. We haven’t done it yet, so I’m not sure how it will go. But my kids love sining Christmas songs and love chatting with people on the computer, so I’m pretty sure it will be a success.

3. Elf yourself

This is a super fun way to send a greeting and make someone smile. You can add up to five faces to one card. It creates a funny dancing elf video you can email to friends and family.

>> Elf Yourself

4. Get edited into a Santa photos

Some photographers are getting creative with the Santa photos. With so many people skipping Santa photos this year you can send in your very own photos from your cell phone and they will edit your child into a unique Santa photo.

Check out these three options:

  • Virtual photo fun from AshburyDesign – Create your own Santa edit with this template from Etsy and add your own photo right into it. You can even add in snow for a winter wonderland look. How fun is that? And this template is adorable!
  • Create Holiday Magic – They offer a variety of options to connect with Santa, but one is a digital image with your child’s photos edited in next to Santa.
  • Artistic Eye Photography

5. Plan frequent Zoom or FaceTime dinners

Holiday parties will not be happening this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect with loved ones. It’s not the same as an in-person gathering, but it’s the best option we have right now. At least we are able to see each other easily on a computer screen or on most phones. This at least gives your kids the chance to see family members they have been missing. Do this frequently.

6. Send texts and photos as much as possible

Screen time will definitely be going up, but with good reason. Try to have your kids make silly videos and take fun pictures to send to family members. The more we all reach out to others the better this holiday season will be. Sending a text or video will most likely brighten someones day!

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7. Donate!

One way to lift your own spirits is by donating to others. So many organizations are in need this time of year, and even more so with the pandemic going on.

Here is a list of organizations who could use some help and almost all of them are accepting virtual donations.

>> Donate

This year might not be the normal Christmas everyone is use to — but there are so many ways to make it special and connect with loved ones. No matter what Christmas looks like for your family this year, it’s going to be a memorable one.

**Note: If restrictions change this article may be updated to include some more ways to connect at a distance with family and friends this holiday season.

Have a wonderful, happy and healthy Christmas season with your family!

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