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Six creative ways to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic

Six creative ways to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic

With COVID-19 concerns still high many families will be opting out of the typical trick-or-treating this year. Here are some creative simple ways to celebrate Halloween this year and still make it memorable.

Six ways to keep the Halloween spirit alive during COVID-19

1. Host a candy exchange

Halloween candy

Make goody bags for all of your friends kids and have a candy bag exchange. Make them ahead of time and drop them off at their houses so they can let the candy air out before Halloween or wipe it down (what ever they are comfortable with). This way if you get a few people to do it all of the kids will have a variety of treats on Halloween.

2. Have a Halloween candy hunt

Halloween child

Typically candy hunts are saved for Easter and the Easter bunny, but not this year. A creative way to make Halloween fun and exciting is to hide candy all over your house and let your kids look for it. Get them to dress up in their costumes before doing the candy hunt to get some cute photos.

3. Participate in a scooter or bike costume parade

Gather a few friends and get everyone to dress up. The kids can ride their bikes or scooters all dressed up around the neighbourhood. This way they are outside, wearing their costumes and still social distanced.

4. Visit the pumpkin patch

It’s pretty typical to visit a pumpkin patch in October, but this year make it more memorable by having your kids wear their costumes. They will have a great time, get outside and you will be able to get some adorable photos of them dressed up searching for a perfect pumpkin.

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5. Have ‘safe houses’ you visit

Plan ahead and go to family members houses who are on the same level as you with social distancing. Visit nana and papa, grandma and grandpa, uncles, aunts and close friends who you know are being careful with during this time.

6. Host a virtual Zoom party

Plan a time and pick a few of your kids friends to have an online party. The kids can wear their costumes and all take turns showing off their outfits. This would be the perfect time to let them open their candy bags from the candy exchange.

No matter how you decide to celebrate, have a safe, healthy and happy Halloween.

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