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Five sneaky ways to get fit with (or despite) your kids!

Five sneaky ways to get fit with (or despite) your kids!

The end of January is near and statistics show that the bulk of new gym goers have stopped going by now. Don’t let that be you! Learn to sneak movement in without needing the gym! Here’s how.

Five sneaky ways to get moving

Swim during lessons

UBC Aquatic Centre

Got kids in swim lessons? Hop in the pool and join them! Well, not their class – your 8-year-old might not be impressed with that! Swim some laps or strap on a running belt and go water running! This low impact exercise can burn around 345 calories per 30 minutes.

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Be an active soccer mom

Town Centre, Coquitlam

Walk or run the field during soccer practice. Raining? Throw on a hat and a rain jacket and you are good to go.

Stairs anyone?

Robson Square

Do you work or live in a building with stairs? Tackle that stairwell during your lunch or take the stairs instead of the elevator. No stairwell? Find some outside stairs like Robson Square. Tip: squeeze the booty as you step to counteract sitting position and build strong glutes.

Top 5 mom and baby fitness activities

Sidewalk squats

Kids in lessons and all that’s in sight is a sidewalk? Challenge the largest muscles in your body by doing walking lunges, squats, jumps. Sure you may get some stares but they are stares of awe. You’ve got this Mamas!

Five places to get fit with baby

Park and play!

Linwood Park in Langley

Chase the kiddos up, down and around to get your heart pumping. Bonus: copy their power moves like jumping and climbing. Be sure to land softly on toes. Look for playgrounds with cushioned floors, like Linwood Park in Langley.


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