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Wellness Month: Working Out at Home

With the Christmas season finally over and the New Year is in full swing it’s time to get back to the usual exercise routine. Or maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. When the gym seems painfully boring it can often lead to spending more time thinking about exercise rather than doing it. So how to make your wellness a priority?

A New Year’s Resolution: No Resolutions

Resolutions don’t work. Fitness usually ranks at the top of most resolution lists and yet it is the one that falls by the wayside the most. The problem is we over-commit ourselves, shooting way too high and setting ourselves up for failure by trying to incorporate too many changes at once.

This year why not do things differently? What if you could get all of your fitness needs met in under an hour a day? You could finally cancel that gym membership you’re not using anyway, while making your wellness a priority.

Fitness on the Go: Work Out at Home

Wellness Fitness on the Go
Deborah shows me how it’s done
I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Coggles, an amazing woman and personal trainer from Fitness on the Go. She came to my home to show me how to transform my baby-ravaged, sleep-deprived body in under an hour without having to leave the house. It’s a definite wellness win.

The best people to help you with a struggle are the ones who have been through similar situations and have come out the other side. Only they understand the pain and day to day obstacles that get in your way of success. Only they can provide the kind of support that you really need need.

A Wellness Inspiration

Deborah is no exception. During our session she shared her personal story of her struggle with obesity and the auto-immune disease that made it extremely difficult to stay on top of her wellness. She’s also had to overcome a lot of tragedy and pain in her life, the least of which was coming face to face with the violent death of her best friend.

It is no wonder that when Deborah decided to take control of her health she had one hundred pounds to lose. She started by reducing portion sizes and when she saw it starting to pay off she incorporated exercise into her routine. With the support of a loving husband and four children, Deborah has lost one hundred pounds over the past two years and is now an INFOFIT Certified BCRPA Personal Trainer and Group Fitness and Spin Instructor. She is certified in Pre & Post Natal Fitness, has taken courses in shoulder, elbow & wrist rehabilitation and holds a Certificate in Training the Aging Population.

Fitness on the Go: Super Set Session

Deborah Coggles Fitness on the Go Wellness
Deborah, before losing 100 pounds!
A Fitness on the Go session with Deborah is a super set cardio workout that you can do with minimal equipment and space. We used a space of about six feet by six feet in my living room. I did a full body workout that included pushups on the wall, planks and squats and jumping jacks and lots of ab work and kept my heart rate up.

The convenience of having Deborah coming to my home meant I had no excuses. That’s very important when you’re trying to stick with your resolutions. Because I’m no stranger to fitness and have a background in fitness management myself, she emailed me a complete list of exercises I can use on my own to focus on specific muscle groups for future workouts. But, there is nothing more effective that working out with a trainer, especially one so inspiring. If you’re looking to change up your exercise routine, it’s what to do in Vancouver to make your wellness a priority, and get 2013 off to a great start.

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