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Trying out Reflexology

Trying out Reflexology

Article by Katie Smith, who gives us the skinny on reflexology for your wellness.

Royal Feet is a hidden gem here in Vancouver. With a wellness place on every corner it can be hard to differentiate the experts from everyone else. Royal Feet’s owner Jady has established a reputation of excellence along popular West 4th Avenue. Royal Feet opened i’s doors three years ago and is settled in the bustling neighborhood of Kitsliano. Her street front location is situated near the corner of West 4th and McDonald and even boasts free parking. If you’ve ever tried to find a parking space in Kits, you know free parking is a key feature in making your time and money well spent.

Trying out Reflexology

Jady has brought a team of professionals together that are certified and friendly. Their commitment is ‘to smooth out your stressed muscles, decrease your body pain, lift your spirit and provide you with a relaxing, rejuvenating massage experience’. The services range from massage and acupuncture to reflexology. Jady takes care to maintain excellence with her staff. She requires ongoing training in the traditional methods combined with her own expertise. The staff is knowledgeable and keen to share that knowledge with their clientele. Upon walking into Royal Feet I was given a thorough explanation of the connection our bodies hold with our feet. I was intrigued, and after having become a regular for acupuncture I have become a champion of sorts for preventive care.

I experienced reflexology for the first time during my visit to Royal Feet and lucky for me it came on the heels of a very stressful week. When I walked in the relaxation room I wanted to melt into the chair. This isn’t your typical massage experience, however. It wasn’t about spa music and a relaxing massage that you might experience alongside a pedicure. It’s the difference between a chat with a nice friend or a deep dive, heart to heart with your spiritual adviser. The reflexologist wastes no time during the appointment and dives right into the purpose of her work; to move, adjust and bring a flow back to your internal settings. Reflexology is not uncomfortable by any means, but the pressure points and sensations were new to me. I understood very quickly that this was a very important part of caring for your well being.

An Hour Well Spent

The room was full of people having the same experience as I was. I noticed that several people were relaxed back in their chairs while serious business was taking place on their feet. You are offered a basin of hot water to soak your feet in and the room is quiet and dark, to ensure you can completely unplug.

After spending a few hours there I saw a range of people come and go from singles, to a family of four, to seniors. Reflexology is for everyone. Royal Feet enthusiastically tries to accommodate walk-ins whenever possible, but also boasts a busy roaster of appointments. Their prices are very reasonable, with a first visit promotion of just $29.80.

Royal Feet is an oasis for the body. This experience is ideal for Vancouver moms who care about their overall wellness. If you’re busy and want to relax as well as reap ongoing benefits from that hour of time spent on your well-being, you may want to give reflexology a try.

Royal Feet Reflexology | Twitter | Facebook
2908 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, 604-739-8881

*Photo courtesy of Royal Feet Reflexology

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