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Entrepreneur to Watch: Dana Obleman of Sleep Sense Publishing

Entrepreneur to Watch: Dana Obleman of Sleep Sense Publishing

Dana Obleman is a sleep consultant and the creator of the Sleep Sense Program, which gives parents the tools they need to teach their babies and toddlers to sleep through the night.

What inspired you to start your company?

My first son was what I would call a terrible sleeper. I felt lost and frustrated with the lack of resource to help me with the problem. Yes, there were many books, and I’d read them all, but there wasn’t anyone who could sit down with me and help me put together a concrete plan that I could actually follow long enough to see results.

When I was reaching the end of my maternity leave as an grade one teacher, and having solved my son’s sleeping problems, the idea came to me to start my own company to provide the very thing that I felt was lacking when I went through the problems myself. And so seven years ago, that was how Sleep Sense was born.

What is your company all about?

Our mission at Sleep Sense is to help parents create a happy, healthy, and fulfilling family life with our products and services.

What’s your vision for your company?

I like to help as many parents as we can. My dream is to have Sleep Sense Consultants all over the country so that every parent can have the opportunity to solve their biggest parenting problem.

What excites you about what you’re doing?

I am so passionate about sleep! I love to talk to parents about the importance of sleep for a healthy, happy, family experience. It is wonderful to have a hand in helping parents reclaim their lives and start to feel empowered to handle the rewards and challenges of raising a family.

What are some early examples of success?

When I first launched the business back in 2003, I received a full page cover story in the Vancouver Sun. It was well read by the parent population in Vancouver and was crucial in the successful launch of the company. Since then I’d been made numerous appearances on Television and in print. In 2006, I was asked to be a guest speaker for the UBC’s annual conference for Family Physicians, which I considered a huge honor, and reaffirmed my believe that sleep problems are prevalent and important.

What about challenges?

I face all the same challenges as any working mother. Trying to find the balance. Trying to find time to work on the business, spend time with my family, my spouse, my friends and family and still carve out a little, “me time”. I work hard on it everyday as I find my life much more peaceful and meaningful when I honor all aspects of my life.

What’s next for you?

My goals for the next few months are to find business minded women with a passion for helping others to join the Sleep Sense team, and to put my video blogs on U-tube.

Sleep Sense Publishing Inc.

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