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How to easily switch from a crib to a big-kid bed

How to easily switch from a crib to a big-kid bed


For kids, a big bed is kind of a big deal. For parents, the transition can be like walking through a minefield. Take one wrong step, and you end up spending your evenings wearing out the pause button on your TV remote to hunt for closet monsters. Here are a few tips to ensure a restful night for both parent and child.

Shop for sheets

A big-kid bed can be intimidating, especially for clingy co-sleepers. Taking your child shopping for some colourful sheets and a few cuddly nighttime friends can help. Pottery Barn Kids carries everything you need for a cosy night’s sleep.

Pottery Barn Kids: 2935 Granville Street, Vancouver

Moving to a big kid bed is an exciting transition

Calm the waters

New surroundings can leave your kid bubbling with energy. Bring that boil down to a simmer by reading a few new bedtime stories by nightlight. Head to your local bookstore for popular stories like I Want a Bedtime Story! By Tony Ross  and Dinosaurs Don’t Have Bedtimes! By Timothy Knapman.

Secure the escape routes

When the lights go out, there’s often monkeying about. Sleep well knowing your child’s bedroom is safe for midnight messing around. You may want to pick up a few window locks and a sturdy door gate. You can also find outlet plugs, window blind cords and dresser anchors for added peace of mind.

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Keep close

The first few nights in a big-kid bed will likely keep you on your toes. Stick close by for multiple “mummy!” calls.

Plug in a kid clock

Once you get them into a big-kid bed, keep them there with a toddler alarm clock. They’re designed to keep kids sleeping in later, which means more shut-eye for mama. The popular Gro-Clock is simple and straightforward to use; once you see the sun, it’s time to get up. Pick one up at West Coast Kids on Main Street.

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