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Healthy Jewellery for the Whole Family from Mala Collective

Healthy Jewellery for the Whole Family from Mala Collective

Mala Collective is a Vancouver-based business that offers some truly unique jewellery. They sell malas – also called prayer beads – made from rudraksha beads and gemstones. The handmade malas are fair trade and sustainably harvested, and created by Aum Rudraksha Designs in Bali, Indonesia. The beads are traditionally used in meditation and prayer, but Mala Collective views them as a reminder to live more consciously (we could all use that). Now that they’ve expanded to offer a ‘Little Pieces’ line for kids, the whole family can enjoy the combination of eco-friendly fashion with an invitation to breathe a little deeper.

Trying out the Jewellery

jewellery mala collectiveWe recently had the chance to check out a bracelet from Mala Collective’s ‘Little Pieces’ collection. At a time when there are all sorts of headlines about lead and other hazardous chemicals in some children’s jewellery, this is a piece that you can feel good about your little one wearing. On top of that, the rudraksha seeds that the malas are made from are thought to provide a calmer mind, body and spirit. The bracelet we tried out also has rose quartz, which is reputed to help reduce anxiety, open the heart and increase self-esteem.

My eight-year-old daughter tried out the bracelet. I don’t know if it actually made her calmer or less anxious, but why not give it a shot? In any case it definitely made her happier, because she really loves it. I have a bracelet of my own, so the matchy-matchy bit was fun. Her bracelet was made with smaller seeds, though, and clearly made for a smaller wrist. She really enjoyed the idea that the beads were sized perfectly for her, and she liked the gemstone accent. I liked knowing that the jewellery is healthy and ethically-produced.

Get Your Hands on a Mala

The Little Pieces collection from Mala Collective is priced from $23.50 to $49.50. You can shop online at

If you’d like to get your hands on some grown-up pieces, you can head online, too. If you prefer an in-person shopping experience there are a number of locations around Vancouver that carry the malas, including Yoga Buttons, the Lululemon Lab, Semperviva, YYoga, Nicole Bridger Designs and Chopra Yoga Center.

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  • I have been utilizing Malas every day for some numerous years. I basically love every little thing about them. The mending power, looks, assortment of shapes and hues, valuable and semi-valuable stones, or consecrated seeds, and so on. Despite the fact that it tends to be fascinating to pick a piece that you like, picking a strong one can frequently be a test as it’s amazingly hard to discover great quality items on the web. This issue was illuminated after I was acquainted with Mala Collective items.

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