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Create a Picture Perfect Garden in Time for Summer

Create a Picture Perfect Garden in Time for Summer

Article by Peter Cantley, sharing tips on creating a fabulous garden this year.

With the warm weather finally here, it’s time to get your gardens ready for summer. But don’t think of it as a chore! Follow these simple tips and you can have your outdoor space looking picture perfect in no time. With a little know-how you can create a garden to be proud and provide the perfect ambience for all your summer entertaining. If you need extra help visit one of our Outdoor Garden Centres at Real Canadian Superstore® for expert advice.

Tips for a Fabulous Garden

DO Follow Directionsgarden tips President's Choice Peter Cantley

When planting your flowers it’s important to pay careful attention to the planting and care instructions on the plant tag. Plants and flowers have different sun exposure and watering needs to survive. Make sure you plant them in a spot in your garden that will allow them to grow and bloom to their full potential.

DON’T Forget the Lawn

Water the lawn for one hour once a week and more often during extreme heat. Water evaporates quickly in the heat, so water first thing in the morning to give the grass time to soak it up. Raise the cutting height on the mower – this will keep grass longer ensuring roots stay cool, shaded and moist.

DO Use Compost

When added to your garden beds, compost will help improve soil quality and provide nutrients for your plants. Composting is also an excellent way to dispose of waste materials that come from plants and garden trimmings. It’s a great way to be environmentally friendly during summer gardening – something you can feel good about! And don’t forget to return your plastic pots and flats to one of our Outdoor Garden Centres so we can recycle them into next year’s pots.

DON’T Over-Water

Over-watered plants show similar symptoms to plants that don’t have enough water (ie. wilting leaves and browning). Always check the soil’s moisture before watering.

DO Get the Kids Involved

Little ones will jump at the chance to plop down in the soil and start digging around! Hand them a small spade (or a plastic shovel for younger tots) and let them work the soil in your new flower beds. Take the kids to the nursery and let them each pick their favourite plant. Or, pick out a few and ask the kids which they prefer – the important thing is that they feel included.

DON’T be Afraid to Accessorizegarden tips president's choice peter cantley

It’s easy to make a dramatic difference with a few tasteful accessories. Proper lighting is also key to creating the perfect ambience for evening entertaining. Light from candles, lamps or illuminated planters make a big difference with a splash of colour to your garden.

DO Consider Growing Your Own Produce

It is so great to be able to grow your own fresh vegetables and fruits. Whether it’s a simple tomato plant or a more exotic one like figs, nothing can beat the fresh taste of just-picked fruits or vegetables. If you’re going to try tomatoes, why not give the new PC® Mighty ‘Mato™ a try? It’s a new concept for home gardeners, whereby tomato plants are grafted onto special rootstock, leading to much larger yields and extra disease resistance. If you don’t have a large garden, you can still enjoy growing your own, as most vegetables and fruits can be grown in pots on the deck, patio or balcony.

President’s Choice® brand’s garden guru Peter Cantley, Vice President, Lawn and Garden with Loblaw Companies Limited, has 45 years of experience in the industry including 28 years of providing Canadians with innovative, quality lawn and garden products at great prices at Loblaw banner stores’ outdoor Garden Centres (Real Canadian Superstore® ). One of Peter’s recent accomplishments was the development of the Loblaw Garden Centre Recycled Pot Program, which launched in 2008. This is the only national garden pot and flat recycling program in North America since most municipal recycling programs across Canada do not accept garden pots and flats. The Loblaw system collects empty pots and flats from customers, returns them to the manufacturer to be ground down and made into next year’s pots. It is a truly closed loop system.

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