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You Say: Kids and Creativity

You Say: Kids and Creativity

you say kids and creativity place des artsThere are so many ways that kids love to get creative, from drawing to dancing to making music, and from painting to sculpting to acting. We thought it would be fun to check in with our fellow Vancouver moms, to find out what creative pursuits their kids enjoy the most. And so, our next You Say feature was born.

You Say what Creative Pursuits your Kids Most Enjoy

On Facebook, the Mini Pop Kids shared, “We are obviously biased to singing and dancing!”

Karina Eva said that her kids love, “Reading, dancing, painting, skating…”

Ricky Shetty said, “Our daughter loves playing with daddy’s business cards – lol!”

Ai Ling weighed in, saying her kids love, “Crafting and playing with home made dough. It goes for hours in this household.”

Sharilyn Kuehnel said that her family enjoys, “Dancing, story-telling, painting, and any sort of crafting that involves googly eyes!”

Erin Dodd shared that her son loves, “Play dough! He’s three and just loves it.”

BORNSAGE said, “Making objects out of cardboard boxes!” You really can’t beat a good cardboard box.

We also did a flash quiz for this You Say feature, asking what creative pursuit your kids love the most. Dancing was the clear winner, with singing and acting tied for second place. One anonymous reader who responded to the flash quiz shared, “My daughter is a born performer, and she just loves having an audience!”

What about your kids – what are their favourite creative pursuits?

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