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You Say: Best Holiday Light Displays in Vancouver

You Say: Best Holiday Light Displays in Vancouver

The drive to look at holiday light displays is an annual tradition for many families. You load up the kids, crank up the Christmas music and maybe even stop for some hot chocolate to add that festive feel. While many other holiday events are winding down, most light displays stay up until New Year’s, making this the perfect activity for that week following Christmas when not much else is happening. Be sure to bring some cash and canned goods along too, since many homes and businesses with light displays are collecting for local charities.

At we pride ourselves on having the inside scoop on the city – but we know we’ve got nothing on the moms who live here. We decided to turn to our readers and find out where to go in Vancouver to see the best light displays. We know that you can tell us, so we reached on Twitter and Facebook to ask you, and you came through. To help you in your planning, we’ve grouped the recommendations by location.

Holiday Lights in Vancouver: Your Picks

Van Dusen

  • Coco & Tini, who tweet as @cocoandtini, gave a simple, “Van Dusen!” when sharing their holiday light pick.
  • Over on Facebook, Cherish Bryck agreed, saying, “Van Dusen, hands down.”
  • Lori Lucas of Yoga with Lori Lucas said, “Agreed. It’s looking better than ever this year too, I’ve gotta say!”

Burrard Street / St. Pauls

  • Jill Amery, a.k.a. @urbanmommies, said, “Not sure about the best lights, but St. Paul’s Hospital is… bright!”
  • Our Publisher Christine Pilkington, who tweets as @chrispilkington, said, “Love along Burrard St. near St Paul’s. Not ‘the best’ but memorable.”
  • Giving themselves a plug the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, whose handle is @helpstpauls, said, “Well, we’d have to say the #lightsofhope at St. Paul’s Hospital!”

Trinity Street

  • Harriet Fancott, who you may also know as @harrietglynn, shared her holiday light pick, saying, “Trinity St. in East Vancouver is pretty renowned for its light displays (in homes).”
  • Once again, @chrispilkington weighed in, calling Trinity Street a “good runner-up display”.

Main Street Near 38th

  • When @raincoaster pipes in with a recommendation, you have to pay attention. She said, “Easy. It’s always ALWAYS the house at Main and about 38th. Guy puts out a new, gaudy display daily. 30ft pink tinsel tree.” Then she added, “A passenger flagged me down to tell me the story. Daily he adds one thing to the display.” You had us at pink tinsel tree.

North Shore

  • The fabulous @chrispilkington‘s final pick, which she also called a good runner-up, is Park and Tilford in North Vancouver.
  • Sue Dickie of @wearthosedeals also shared a North Shore location, saying, “At the end of 200 East 10th St N.Van.!!! Stunning!”

Kensington and Curtis in Burnaby

  • If you went to SFU, or ever spent time in the area over the holiday season, you’ll likely know @bcfamilymedia‘s pick. She said, “Just shared a link to a video 950 Kensington near Curtis Proceeds go to BC Children’s Hospital.”

Rae Street in Port Coquitlam

  • If you want to be completely dazzled out in the suburbs, Michelle Brander, who tweets as @michbrander, says, “Check out Rae St in PoCo – they are collecting non-perishable items for the Food Bank.” She shared a photo, too.

Hockley Christmas Lights in Surrey

  • Last, but most certainly not least, we head South of the Fraser where Marie-Andrée Journeault told us about a great display, saying, “I am biased, since this is mine, but I think it is good. Hockley Christmas Lights

Tell us – did we miss anything? Where do you go for the best holiday light display in Vancouver? Leave us a reply and let us know.

*Image credit – Junichi Ishito on Flickr.

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