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Three great art classes for wiggly kids

Three great art classes for wiggly kids

There’s nothing fun about trying to restrain a small person during a quiet class. Don’t give up on arts classes though – there are lots of options for wigglers and spontaneous performers.


Look for a class that focuses on creative movement over those that go for a specific type of dance. Pretending to be animals, freeze dances, and interpreting music through their very own original dance moves are great ways to start finding their feet, as it were. Try: Creative Dance or Imagination Through Movement at Arts Umbrella.


Sometimes kids are just happiest when spreading their arms out wide and being something, or someone, else for a bit. Even younger kids can get involved in drama and theatre classes. Try: Dress-up Drama, Creative Drama, or Physical Theatre at Arts Umbrella.


Making noise is always a popular activity with small people. Sanctioned use of hand-held percussion instruments? Jumping and singing? All excellent ways of learning about music. Try: Making Music Early Learning or Musical Theatre at Arts Umbrella.

Channel that small person physical energy, and let them explore some new ways to express themselves.


AU_Integrated_ColThis article was sponsored by Arts Umbrella. Since 1979, young people have found inspiration in Arts Umbrella’s visual and performing arts classes. We base classes on arts-education principles, hire practicing artists, and use professional-quality supplies – just a few of the ways we foster a place with no creative limits. Register this summer!

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