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Summer in Vancouver: Farm Camp

Summer in Vancouver: Farm Camp

Guest contributor Suzanne Bertani shares why you should consider farm camp for your kids this summer in Vancouver.

I’ve explored many magical places living in Vancouver with my family. We are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful mountains, hiking trails, waterways, and beaches. Given all the natural beauty the idea of sending kids to farm camp might be a new idea or something you’ve never considered.

The Benefits of Farm Camp

My family had their first farm camp experience at Aldor Acres Farm last summer; it was such a hit with my kids it’s the top request again for this summer. Here are a few reasons why farm camp is a great experience for kids:

  • There isn’t a better way for kids to learn about then where their food comes from. Whether your child is vegan, vegetarian or a meat lover, a farm that is brimming with chickens, piglets, cows, and vegetables is an important place for kids to spend a day.
  • Farms are like Disneyland. They have the best toys, ranging from tractors and gators to hay rides that your child gets to experience along-side farmers.
  • Farm camp is filled with animals that can be cuddled and held. This is actually a rarity at farms so the experience of bottle-feeding a piglet, snuggling with a bunny, playing with a barn kitten, or leading a goat parade is something kids of any age love.
  • I love amazing role models for my kids. And to be honest, you can’t find a better role model than a hard working farmer. The farming team of Albert, Dorothy, Melissa, and Katie that will surround your kids at Aldor Acres Farm Camp is a dream team and are so knowledgeable about how to love and care for animals.
  • Fun! Farm camp is so fun. And a camp that unplugs your child and encourages dirt and outdoor fun for the day is something all kids are craving. Kids will play dress up the goats, follow the farmer, animal care, collect eggs from chickens, play in the creek , forest, and connect with dirt and nature.


farm camp piglet

If you’d like to see what true love looks like, peek inside a barn filled with bales of hay, animals, and kids getting to interact with them by touching and feeling. My kids especially love the piglets and are content to melt away many hours watching and getting piglet cuddles.

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Free dates still open for Aldor Acres Farm Camp are July 22nd or 23rd, 2014. For registration and more information you can visit their website, or stay in touch with farm adventures by following Aldor Acres on Instagram and Facebook.

Suzanne Bertani journals her Vancouver adventures on and is always looking for beautiful experiences that teach and engage her children with nature and the environment.

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