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Reusable Gift Wrap: Lyziwrap

Reusable Gift Wrap: Lyziwrap

Lisa Pozin of Giving Gifts sent me a sample reusable gift bag from Lyziwraps. Invented by an eighth grader, Lyziwraps are an easy way to replace the disposable, single use gift wrapping paper that normally come on rolls.

I love the concept. Available in four sizes from XS, which fits a jewellery box or gift card, to L for big items like board games and winter jackets, Lyziwraps are not only attractive, but they’re easy too. All you need to do is put the item in the Lyziwrap, fold the ends and cinch it closed. The pulls even look like decorative ribbons. They come in a variety of colours, including a festive red and white. You can even fill them up with smaller items and use them for Christmas crackers.

At $30 for a pack of four, the cost might seem a bit steep, especially since you’re giving them away with a gift, but it’s not that different from paying $5 for a gift bag. And if you use them among your family members, you can pass them between you – and you won’t feel tacky about doing it (if you’re sensitive about that kind of thing).

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Cost aside, there’s also of course the environmental impact. If all of us Canadians wrapped three gifts in reused gift paper or bags, we’d save enough paper to cover 45,000 hockey rinks!

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