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Cici Art Factory: Your Child’s Dreams As Art

Cici Art Factory: Your Child’s Dreams As Art

By Gillian Behnke, Reviewer.

Finding good artwork for kids can be a challenging thing. Finding a piece that doesn’t look like it’s straight out IKEA (not that there’s anything wrong with IKEA!) that’s playful and fun for your kids to look at, and that works with the décor in your child’s room…not an easy task. Or so I thought, until I discovered Liz Clay and Cici Art Factory.

Cici Art Factory is a wonderland of imagination and beauty for your wall. It’s like artist Liz Clay has gone inside a child’s fantasy land and painted what kids dream about. There are fairies, pirates, space explorers, and she will even personalize the atwork so the characters resemble your kids!

When our three-and-a-half-year-old son is asked what he would like for Christmas, he answers “dump truck” every single time. Imagine my excitement when I discovered “Construction Zone,” a giclee print on canvas that is part of her Wit & Whimsy collection. Yes, we are also getting him the requisite Tonka variety, but he will be over the moon to wake up every morning to see this treasure on his wall. It even has a “J” on the front grill (for Jordan) of the truck and the hair has been lightened to match our little truck driver’s shade.

This brings me to the other amazing thing about Cici Art Factory, the artist herself – Liz Clay. She was so helpful and so thoughtful. It was her suggestion to add the letter to the truck and to lighten his hair. She wanted to make sure I went home with the perfect piece for our family.

You can commission original paintings from twelve different themes, order giclee prints on canvas, prints on paper or mini art cards. Whatever your little one is passionate about, you’ll likely find it in one of her collections. You can see her work at various craft shows around the Lower Mainland, or you can contact her directly through her website. I invite you to poke around on the site, you’ll find treasures that will delight everyone in your family, not just the kids!

Gillian Behnke is a blogger at Finding My Weigh, where she writes about the joys and challenges of motherhood and her quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Gillian is also the marketing manager for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, BC/Yukon Region. She lives in North Vancouver with her husband, her three year old son and eleven month old daughter.

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Featured image courtesy of Cici Art Factory

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