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Best Christmas Gifts for Babies

Best Christmas Gifts for Babies

Vancouver Mom asked a few of our favourite local merchants to put together their list of top gifts. The following is a guest post by Sue Sinclair, Chief Executive Mom of Raspberry Kids. Sue has also offered readers 15% off any purchase at Raspberry Kids between now and December 15th, 2009.  At checkout, please use promo code:  vancouvermoms15.

Q:  What do babies need for Christmas?
A:  A lot!

It ceases to amaze me how much stuff such a little being requires.  I mean they are so little yet when we leave the house for a simple outing, I need to remember to take everything including the kitchen sink because without a doubt, if I have forgot it, I will need it.

Some suggestions for your very little ones this holiday season include:



At a very young age, our kids lived in onesies and while I thought I had gone overboard and had bought too many, we used them all and we used them often.  Onesies like the ones from Colette Kids or Made in Canada Oopsy Doodle Designs Organic Onesies make great gifts, particularly the Oopsy Doodle Designs as they are gift wrapped in environmentally friendly boxes.



Every baby needs a teether.  Our daughter started teething at 3 months but it took over 12 for her first pearly white to show up.  That is a lot of red cheeks & drool.  We suggest Made in Canada RiNGLEY all natural teethers which now come in 4 styles.  Another fave are the MiYim duck or chicken teether rattles and the Dandelion earth-friendly plush options.

Soother Clip Holders


Our kids didn’t use soothers for long but when they did, their binkee clip holders came in very handy.  We offer Sweetpea Baby or locally made Silver Spoon Clips to help keep tabs on your baby’s pacifier.

Hooded Towels


Bath time is so much fun and one of the most used gifts we ever received were hooded towels.  These are an excellent choice for yourself or others because you can use them from age newborn to about age four.  We adore both the Dwellstudio Hooded Towels as well as the 3 Sprouts Organic Hooded towels.  Don’t forget to pick up some PVC, Phthalate & BPA free boon bath toys while you are at it.

Bibs and Other Mealtime Gear


Once your little guy or gal starts on solid foods, things get really messy, really quick.  We adore the Made in Canada Ocena bibs, not only are they beyond cute, they cover a lot of area.  Other bib options include brands such as Kuki Kids, ORE Originals & Dwellstudio.  We also carry a wide array of plates, bowls and utensils from ORE Originals, boon, Dandelion made from corn earth friendly goods, Bambu Kids, Smiling Planet and placemats from 3 Sprouts.



You decorate your tree, why not decorate your little bundle?  We have a wide selection of locally made Schnookums Bows & BLUSH designs jewelry heirloom Swarovski bracelets and amazing dresses from Kuki Kids starting at 12-18 months.

From Raspberry Kids to VancouverMoms, we wish you a fresh, healthy & fun holiday season!

Sue Sinclair is the Chief Executive Mom of Raspberry Kids, an online lifestyle store that features fresh, healthy and fun products for the little ones in your life. Sue has also offered readers 15% off any purchase at Raspberry Kids between now and December 15th, 2009.  At checkout, please use promo code:  vancouvermoms15.

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  • Thanks Vancouvermom for the opportunity to write a guest post.

    If anyone has any questions regarding the products mentioned above or on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

    Warm regards,
    Sue Sinclair
    Chief Executive Mom, Raspberry Kids

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